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  1. Ryann Zeller

    GoFrogs: Santa Clara at TCU Baseball Series Preview

    I’m that girl. :) those men were completely out of line. Sat down right in front of me and started verbally attacking the TCU grads. They were completely out of line. The grads were just appropriately heckling the opposing team. Last I checked, that’s a part of the game. The grads weren’t...
  2. Ryann Zeller

    Shave your head or help raise money...

    KillerFrogs is teaming up with TCU Soccer's Assistant Coach, Tom Serratore. Interested (or know someone who is) in shaving your head? We need at least 10 brave souls to JOIN (click join to join) the KillerFrogs Team to knock out kid's cancer! Join us to have some fun – and be a hero for...
  3. Ryann Zeller

    TCU Baseball: Baylor Weekend Series Recap

  4. Ryann Zeller

    Blood, Sweat, and Tears…

  5. Ryann Zeller

    In Case You Missed It: TCU Sports Weekly Recap

    It was all about the March Madness! https://www.si.com/college/tcu/basketball/killer-frogs-tcu-sports-recap-march21
  6. Ryann Zeller

    TCU Baseball Travels to Baylor this Weekend

    One down, 2 to go! https://www.si.com/college/tcu/baseball/tcu-baylor-baseball-preview-2022
  7. Ryann Zeller

    College Baseball Risers and Fallers… Texas, muwahahaha

  8. Ryann Zeller

    Baseball: This Weekend’s Series to Watch!

  9. Ryann Zeller

    Day 2 of the March Madness! (How to watch)

  10. Ryann Zeller

    KillerFrogs March Madness Bracket!!

    Last Chance to fill out your bracket!!!
  11. Ryann Zeller

    In Case You Missed It: TCU Weekly Sports Recap

    Another successful week for TCU athletics. Our boys are going Dancing! KillerFrogs.com launches its own NIL program. Rifle Wins another Natty. https://www.si.com/college/tcu/basketball/killer-weekly-sports-recap-dancing
  12. Ryann Zeller

    KillerFrogs.com sends out Press Release for KF NIL, LLC

  13. Ryann Zeller

    KillerFrogs March Madness Bracket!!

    We’re doing a bracket! If you win, you’ll get a bag full of KF SWAG! Click below to join. https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/16930/invitation?key=7ded94d848827771 *Thanks to Nathan for setting this up. Let the fun begin! Go Frogs!
  14. Ryann Zeller

    In Case You Missed It: TCU Weekly Sports Recap

  15. Ryann Zeller

    Special moment between baseball and basketball

    Yes…thank goodness the players didn’t just stop playing to watch. I will say, they got distracted in the 9th… got a little scary for a moment.
  16. Ryann Zeller

    Special moment between baseball and basketball

    I captured this picture at tonight’s baseball game against UTA (we won). While the fans were divided between the two baseball teams…we were all united in rooting for TCU against KU. In case you haven’t heard…we won that game too! This picture is priceless…
  17. Ryann Zeller

    TCU weekly Sports Recap: LOTS of Winning!

  18. Ryann Zeller

    In Case You Missed It: Weekly TCU Sports Recap

  19. Ryann Zeller

    TCU Baseball: Pitchers Preview + Press Conferences

    Here’s the link to this past week’s baseball press conferences. https://www.si.com/college/tcu/more-sports/tcu-baseball-first-week-press-conferences
  20. Ryann Zeller

    TCU Baseball: Pitchers Preview + Press Conferences

    Saarloos said that many of the incoming freshman pitchers are injured. Shouldn’t affect this year but may affect next year. They are making good use of the the transfer portal and the 4 P5 transfers are huge for the program this season. The guys are leaders on and off the field and fit in...