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  1. Long Time Lurker

    On 3: TCU lands Arizona State transfer Ezra Dotson-Oyetade

    King of the Hill is set in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas, an amalgamation of numerous Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs including Garland, Richardson, Arlington and Allen. In addition to drawing inspiration from the DFW Metroplex, Judge has described Arlen as "a town like Humble" (a suburb of Houston).
  2. Long Time Lurker

    OT - Movies thread

    Nic cage movie was good: a little slow in the beginning, but good.
  3. Long Time Lurker

    A few photos from tonights spring game.

    Was it the Fire Fighter dude that beats up old people? What ever happened with that guy?
  4. Long Time Lurker

    Bowlsby steps down

    They noticed he stopped going to the bank to deposit bags of cash from ESPN during his lunch hour. His fake outrage about ESPN’s meddling should get him an academy award, and a slap in the face.
  5. Long Time Lurker

    BIG Medical school announcement coming!

    Obesity the new healthy. I better start eating.
  6. Long Time Lurker

    General Bowl Games Conversation

    It doesn’t hurt to play 3 FCS teams a year. Having the blind allegiance of an entire state, allowing tou to gray shirt, cut and screw over any kid you want with zero consequences helps. It also helps to have zero compunction about all that dirt you do.
  7. Long Time Lurker

    Gator Bowl cancelled. Aggie don't want to play WF

    I said the same of Gary and the crew.
  8. Long Time Lurker

    Gator Bowl cancelled. Aggie don't want to play WF

    As long as you have 22, take your sheep loving ass to the bowl.
  9. Long Time Lurker

    Amon G. Carter Stadium Christmas Eve 2009

    Of course there’s nobody in the stands. Our fans are the worst.
  10. Long Time Lurker

    2021-2022 Transfer Portal Thread

    Ewww…cut your damn nails.