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  1. ShreveFrog

    TCU baseball vest

    Who can tell me when the Frogs wore this vest? Snagged it on eBay. Game worn from a seller with lots of others.
  2. ShreveFrog

    Game 3 vs. TU

    Clutch double by Byrne as Sacco ran on 3-2 count to score from first! Why start lefty DH vs lefty TU pitcher? I would try Speaker, but what do I know? Go Frogs!
  3. ShreveFrog

    When you just can't get enough football ... T.O. teams up with Johnny Football

    Yes, there's a 7 on 7 pro indoor league. Story: https://www.mediaite.com/sports/t-o-terrell-owens-coming-out-of-retirement-at-age-48-joining-fan-controlled-football-league/ League website: https://www.fcf.io/
  4. ShreveFrog

    Andy Dalton to New Orleans

    Reports say he's signed with the intent of being the backup to Jameis Winston.
  5. ShreveFrog

    1 available vs. KU

    East side, 234, Row M. Make offer. Come cheer the Frogs on Senior Day and maybe we can cheer Gary out of the tunnel.
  6. ShreveFrog

    2021 NFL thread

    Might as well start with Coach Jason Garrett pulling a Deion: https://www.mediaite.com/sports/giants-coordinator-jason-garrett-roasted-for-demanding-reporters-call-him-coach-lighten-up-francis/
  7. ShreveFrog

    Need 2 for Saturday baseball vs. OSU

    Please private message me if have two tickets available for Saturday, April 17 vs.OSU baseball.Thanks.
  8. ShreveFrog

    2021 MLB Thread

    Springer goes north of the border with $150 M. https://www.mlb.com/news/george-springer-deal-blue-jays
  9. ShreveFrog

    Alex Smith recovery

    Not Frogs related, other than he emerged through the non-BCS era. But anyone watching the ESPN special on his broken leg/surgery/infection? Holy hell!
  10. ShreveFrog

    Selling 2 for La Tech

    Near 50, east side upper, row Q. Face for $60 each. Prefer to sell together. Message or reply if interested. Go Frogs!
  11. ShreveFrog

    2020 NFL Thread

    Let's kick it off with some news from my new old team -- The Cowboys! Andy and Sewo (and Dak) all getting some love in this post from camp: https://www.dallascowboys.com/news/camp-stars-diggs-headlines-big-day-for-rookies
  12. ShreveFrog

    The Greatest Horned Frog Fan ever has Leaped on

    My Dad, Leap Frog, passed away overnight. His first TCU game was age 5, 1935 -- Sammy Baugh and the Frogs vs. SMU in what was "The Game of the Century." As a boy, dad would gather up scrap metal on game days to pay for his ticket, and maybe stop for lunch on his walk to TCU. He'd later have to...
  13. ShreveFrog

    Brady leaving the Pats?

    I'll still believe it when I see it. But he indicates he's gone.
  14. ShreveFrog

    Another Freshman All-America honor for Ar'darius

    Football writers also put Ar'darius Washington to their Freshman All-American Team. ""
  15. ShreveFrog

    Dalton to replace Brady???

    Considerable noise out there that if Brady leaves the Pats, Belichick might want Andy. Pure speculation. But Peter King is among those who think it's a real possibility...
  16. ShreveFrog

    Football season ticket question

    Considering scaling back on the number of season tickets I buy. What if I change my mind in a few years and want to go back to our full amount? Will I need to make an extra donation to make that happen? Just want to experiment with buying extras on the secondary market on the occasions our...
  17. ShreveFrog

    Dalton goes out of Cincy (?) a winner

    Here are the highlights. Andy had some good passes up the seam and a scrambling td run: https://www.bengals.com/video/browns-vs-bengals-highlights-week-17 It was his 70th win of the decade, which is more than Eli, Stafford or Cam. He is the winningest quarterback in Bengals history by...
  18. ShreveFrog

    Who's the Bronze Star Frog with Toyota SUV?

    Appeared to be a dark Toyota SUV, Bronze Star Texas plate TXFRGS (I think) with a patriotic TCU sticker and TCU hitch cover. Whoever you are, thank you for your brave service! We caught up with you around the DeKalb area and passed you on the way into Texarkana in our dark Infiniti SUV with...
  19. ShreveFrog


    Guess this is news. Barber, Hights and A. Davis are not suited up.