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  1. Armadillo

    Men’s hoops tonight vs lavender

    Go Frogs. sadly I’ll probably fall asleep before the end. Getting old sucks.
  2. Armadillo

    Thank You Gary

    I wish this had ended a different way. But it had to end one way or the other. But dear god, THANK YOU Gary Patterson. Thank you for the last 20 years and thank you for saving this program.
  3. Armadillo

    Change of the JuJu GDT TCU v ksu game 2

    Let’s go Frogs!!
  4. Armadillo

    An open letter to TCU Football

    I sincerely love you CGP. You have brought our program from the dark ages into extreme relevance. However, there’s no way we should have lost to this kansas state team today. They have less talent than us. Less speed. Less strength. Yet they beat us. Dear God CGP, you need to make some...
  5. Armadillo

    DCTF Cover revealed

    SIAP. Not thrilled with ut on the cover for the 2nd time in 3 years. I'll still buy it though.
  6. Armadillo

    GDT: TCU v ksu game 3

    Go Frogs!
  7. Armadillo

    2019-20 Tcu Men’s Basketball Coaching Thread

    I wonder who it could be? Maybe CJD? Someone else? Predictions here.
  8. Armadillo

    TCU v indiana state GDT version 2.0

    Go Frogs in Hawaii! Kaleekelokoloko! Which means beat the Sycamores in Hawaiian.
  9. Armadillo

    An Open Letter To OC Cumbie

    Dear Mr. Cumbie, If you can start calling plays (much more north to south and keeping the opposing team on their heals) like you did in the 2nd half, I will welcome you back. There were some great calls in the 2nd half. The first half....forgetaboutit. FIRED!!! Wait, now I’m confused...
  10. Armadillo

    TCU v ku GDT

    Go Frogs.
  11. Armadillo

    The Brawl at The Carter today...

    I've watched this thing over and over. Sure to have been covered in the GDT. But I have to admit they started this whole thing. First of all, their coach starts throwing his arms in the air looking for a late hit which never came. That escalated their side line. Then number 52 from...
  12. Armadillo

    Hey Wes, guess what? I'm goin' there! I'm calling out a player!

    And that player is Baker Mayfield. Goodness I hate that guy. And he has our number. After halftime adjustments last night, I hope we get one more shot at him. *I really hope this made a few folks smile this morning* p.s. There's a reason I drink more beer in the Fall (see last night's...
  13. Armadillo

    Spoiler...I think I just saw the Guest Picker

    I'm calling it now... Big Game Howie. Then again I may be wrong, but he just walked past me.
  14. Armadillo

    OT - Need the Board's input on FW private schools

    I have a friend (and fellow Frog) that is moving back to Fort Worth and is thinking about enrolling their kids at either Trinity Valley or Country Day. Does anyone have input/advice/insight into the differences and/or benefits between the two schools? I certainly appreciate it and will pass...
  15. Armadillo

    Official Sunday TCU v baylor Baseball GDT

    vs. Fort Worth, Texas Radio: KTCU 88.7 FM Listen: Audio Watch: Video 1pm start today. I'll be watching via FrogVision and hoping The Slenderman can give us his best game of the year. Go Frogs!
  16. Armadillo

    120 Minute IPA is now out

    "The Buzz in a Bottle" Get it while you can. From Dogfish Head. Sip it nice and slow! Best beer I have ever had. Thank God it's a seasonal.
  17. Armadillo

    Edit...no GDT from me. Mods Delete thread

    I think DirtBag is out of town this weekend. I got you covered. Audio on FrogVision today. Maybe someone can post the link to the WV video feed. Go Frogs!
  18. Armadillo

    TCU v rgv, GDT with ZERO info! Thanks a lot Dirtbag! No Show!

    Game is on FrogVision. Dalton Horton is starting. Bless this Thread RollToad! Waiting for a big win and for Quilter for your big post! Lets go Frogs! OH, AND I'M UNDEFEATED THIS YEAR FOR POSTING GDT'S! Doubt that will last, but I bet it will tonight. Jefffrog, you still banned????? You...
  19. Armadillo

    Where the Heck is DirtBag? TCU v osu GDT Saturday Edition

    You get nothing from me, no starting lineups, no starting pitchers. Just a THREAD. And we shall win. Especially if RollToad blesses this thread. I really miss Dirtbag's GDT's