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  1. Long Time Lurker

    To all you Sonny haters.

    Cumbie was never given a chance. I’m not a cheerleader for SC, but I didn’t hate him because I knew Gary was not letting him run the offense the way he wanted. What do you do with the staff now? A toxic leader was holding them back and now they have to pay for it by being let go.
  2. Long Time Lurker

    Cumbie only knows fast!

    I think Sonny gets alotta hate on here but Gary is asking him to change his entire approach. If he is not the right guy to have a methodical offense, then change. Remember us putting it to Ohio for three quarters running at break neck speed. Remember recruits being interviewed after visits...
  3. Long Time Lurker

    OT Just moved to Ft. Bliss, El Paso

    Brother-in-law and I are going to the Wyoming vs New Mexico State game on Saturday night. Does anyone have any advice about where to go eat, where to park, and son. Thanks
  4. Long Time Lurker

    Anybody else see our FB record on 247?

    Why does 247 show our record last year as 0 and 14? I assume I am not the only one seeing a big red L next to every game.
  5. Long Time Lurker

    Anybody else think that fumbled snap was supposed to be...

    a direct snap to the runner crossing in front of Hill. I saw that snap fumble and thought, holy crap, here we go paying for some cutesy trick play down inside the 10yl.
  6. Long Time Lurker

    What happened to SXM College Sports Network?

    Yesterday one of the shows on SXM College Sports Channel 84 said they were talking to Coach P at 1330. Today, I turned it to 84 on my way to a Doc appointment and it was ESPNU, they weren't interviewing Coach P. Notice other channels had changed too: ESPN on a couple and one Fox Sports...