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  1. FrogAbroad

    OT: Pocket knives

    I've seen some ads for some beautiful pocket knives made by deejo, a German company. They look great but it's a brand with which I'm unfamiliar. Any Frogs know about this outfit or their products?
  2. FrogAbroad

    OT: High School Championship Game

    Franklin v. Gunter on Bally, really a well-played, entertaining game between two 15-1 teams. These kids are good!
  3. FrogAbroad

    BU game video

    Not the best game video I've ever seen, but it's the only (so far) of the BU game. Begins at 12:07 in 1Q (joined in-progess) and the frame rate isn't A+, but it's viewable. If anyone has a better one, post the link, please. TCU v. Gaylor (6 Nov 21)
  4. FrogAbroad

    OT - Beard care products

    My first beard was a few years ago but when I relocated to Colombia I looked too much like a drug lord so I went back to just a handlebar 'stache. Now I'm about 10 weeks into another beard. So far so good (even my conservative CEO boss likes it) so I want to groom it responsibly. You who have...
  5. FrogAbroad

    OT : Rodeo from the Stockyards

    On RFD-TV. Semifinals. Good cowboys, good stock, good entertainment.
  6. FrogAbroad

    WAC Football

    Tarleton State playing its first-ever D-I game at home against McNeese. Quite entertaining. The WAC is back.
  7. FrogAbroad

    OT -- PBR finals

    Begins 1830 on CBS Sports from the JerryDome. Outstanding bulls and riders. Even the spousal unit loves it.
  8. FrogAbroad

    ChiliFrogs Unite!

    Welp, it looks like the 2020 college football season may be scrapped by this weekend. If so that will free me up for some extra hours in my new kitchen fussing over a batch or two of real, honest-to-Pete Texas chili. (Yes, "Texas chili" IS sort of a redundant term, since genuine "chile con...
  9. FrogAbroad

    Happy Birthday, Fort Worth!

    On June 6, 1849, Major Ripley A. Arnold established a camp on the bank of the Trinity River and named the post Camp Worth in honor of the late General Worth. In August 1849 Arnold moved the camp to the north-facing bluff which overlooked the mouth of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. From...
  10. FrogAbroad

    Don't Forget the Fallen

  11. FrogAbroad

    OT: Lady Frogs

    The Lady Frogs fall in their WNIT Semi-final game to Arizona, 59-53.
  12. FrogAbroad

    Six for th' Tipa

  13. FrogAbroad

    How do you build a good defense in the Big 12?

    The simple answer seems to be 3-star talent plus Coach P. Texas and OU always recruit the highest ranked players and don’t always play even good defense while TCU rarely recruits competitively ranked players but consistently rank amongst the league’s better units. LINK