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  1. namollec

    OT - Meatloaf passed away

    One of the very, very best voices ever to share a melody. Truly great pipes.
  2. namollec

    Corn Dogs

    Don't understand. I like a corn dog every now and then.
  3. namollec

    The Journal-Gazette: Mad Ants add former TCU player to roster

    hoping Jaylen finds a good path here as he seeks to follow his dream.
  4. namollec

    Bishop Sycamore WR offered by TCU?

    Didn't Bishop Sycamore turn out be a great big hoax? Kinda lost track of that whole story.
  5. namollec

    SI: Southern California prospect went from Cal to TCU to Cal to TCU in 24 hours

    I notice the lack of "Committed" anywhere on that notice of his.
  6. namollec

    Signing day thread

    Thanks. You're the best !
  7. namollec

    Be Thankful

    no GIF. Just well wishes. To you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you each and everyone.
  8. namollec

    Why all the coaches are being fired…

    I agree. Leach speaks truth,
  9. namollec


    When I was MN, Buffalo Wild Wings became a tradition for me. The manager and I got along was always willing to set a TV screen to the TCU game. Spent a lot of $$ there. Took in a lot of calories!
  10. namollec

    Unmask the Cheerleaders and Showgirls!!!

    Is the band wearing masks?
  11. namollec

    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cowboys

    Go Frogs ! Go Frogs ! Go Frogs ! Go Frogs ! Go Frogs ! Go Frogs ! Go Frogs !
  12. namollec

    How Desmond Bane and Ja Morant Power the Grizzlies’ Offense

    might not remain Spurs fan for long.
  13. namollec

    Morris wearing Daltons Number?

    Caught a little bit of the UTSA game Saturday night. Didn't know any players so I referenced their roster. They had listed four #2 jerseys - two on offense and two on defense. When the two offensive guys were on the field at the same time, one wore #1 of which no one was listed as using on the...
  14. namollec

    Give Reece Davis an Emmy for this commentary on Longhorn football

    wow...that was some fast paced shade
  15. namollec

    GoFrogs: TCU Beats Baylor, 30-28

  16. namollec


    O.P. - where ya been ?