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  1. Horny4TCU

    General Bowl Games Conversation

    Not true. They're Baptists... They will all drink at a bar and pretend not to know each other.
  2. Horny4TCU

    Gillespie named TCU DC……

    We set the bar so low this year, we're gonna think Gillespie is a genius with just mild improvement. Only one place to go, when Rice is better than you on defense.
  3. Horny4TCU

    Former Staff Destinations?

    Hallelujah! They were still on the staff when I looked the other day. @Paint It Purple @Moose Stuff
  4. Horny4TCU

    Former Staff Destinations?

    Sure hope we get rid of Jarrett Anderson, Dan Sharp, and Kenny Hill.
  5. Horny4TCU

    Gillespie introduction…..

    Holy [ #2020 ]e... Rice was better than us.
  6. Horny4TCU

    SB Nation: After Ole Miss visit, former five-star RB Zach Evans to visit Tennessee

    Every gameday experience kicks ours in the teeth...
  7. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    Yeah, I watched the play, it was a split second... still scheisse Baylor. Those cheating, murdering, raping [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ].
  8. Horny4TCU

    YouTube: Cincinnati’s BIG Announcement

    I love these videos.
  9. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    This picture needs to be in the dictionary, next to Horse Collar... Big 12 officiating screwed the Big 12 out of the playoffs. Can we please do something about the refs?
  10. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    Nope. Baylor can't get in before us.
  11. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    I didn't think Iowa could do it, but man, I wish Michigan would've lost. I sure hope Cincinnati doesn't get screwed. But at the same time, I wish TCU wouldn't have been screwed in 2014, 2010, and 2009.
  12. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    Man, the teams I want to win, have all lost. I wanted Georgia to win. I wanted OSU to win. I wanted SDSU to win... today the football gods dislike me.
  13. Horny4TCU

    GP tribute video... must watch

    I hate how it ended even more watching this. Not saying it didn't need to happen, but damn I want Gary to come back! I want him back in some form or fashion and finish things out the way he was supposed to.
  14. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    Sanders sucks. Watching this game makes me even more sad at how much they hung on us... Our team has a lot of quit to get blown out as bad as we did by these bozos.
  15. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    I hate this game... Oklahoma State needs stop sucking.
  16. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    Also, I hope OSU destroys Baylor.
  17. Horny4TCU

    CCG weekend thread

    Who cares, they are owning Oregon right now. I love it! Score is a lot closer than it should be.
  18. Horny4TCU

    Z Evans in the portal….

    Wish someone with some NIL money would step up. I really want to watch Evans play at TCU.
  19. Horny4TCU

    2022 BIG 12 FOOTBALL schedule

    I might travel to Boulder for a game. Sounds like a blast!