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    Basketball transfers

    It seems we have absolutely cleaned up here as of late. Landed Cassius Mcneily from Texas A&M today. former 4 star point guard out of canada. Believe he redshirted. Loads of potential
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    The Transfer Portal claims another one...

    Yea. I hate this transfer stuff. But , we have upgraded on virtually everyone who left. I do wish PJ the best though. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him blossom.
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    Any other bball transfers?

    Is anyone hearing of players leaving/coming in??
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    FWST: Did TCU basketball improve its roster? ‘You always believe that,’ Jamie Dixon says

    I hate transfers as well. But I hope for a change we are the benefactor here. It seems we have upgraded the roster(minus Samuel and RJ). Samuel is probably 50/50 coming back or not. I think RJ is gone either way. anyone hearing any names to replace the potential two of them?
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    AP: TCU adds former Texas Tech and top Texas prep player Micah Peavy

    This is what ive been wondering. Staff must be assuming they both come back?
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    FWST: TCU basketball now has eight players from last year’s team in NCAA transfer portal

    I would take Samuel back first over RJ. Most big men arent good for 30+ a game so depth matters there more. Plus, he’s good. We have enough guards to make up for RJ.
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    Micah Peavey

    I see what you did. Lmao.
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    Micah Peavey

    Not that I saw...
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    Micah Peavey

    Is 99.99% the next transfer
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    Mike Miles Q&A: IG@frogscountry

    Micah Peavy. Book it.
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    Damion Baugh

    I think RJ is very good overall and losing him is probably a net negative but If our defensive intensity turns up then we may be better off. This new kid is explosive.
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    Xavier Cork new TCU basketball transfer commit

    Im also hearing Micah Peavy....
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    Damion Baugh

    Maybe this was why the staff seemingly is cool with RJ leaving? Kid is an athlete for sure.
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    Big Kev declares again...

    The film on souleymane says at the very least he is athletically able to compete, and thrive, at this level. Whether his skills can, idk.
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    The Transfer Portal claims another one...

    Happiness does not= fulfilling and productive life. Kids are wimps.
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    The Transfer Portal claims another one...

    Agreed. Let’s just really really pray these transfers are good. It seems to be a last ditch effort to keep a job and create a competitive team . Hope that’s how it turns out.
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    My opinion on the transfers

    I saw an encouraging stat: he is top 3 amongst all transfers in finishing rate(not sure what it even means) but something along the lines of drives to the hoop and scoring.
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    My opinion on the transfers

    I cannot say I disagree. But keeping players who many on here thought weren't good enough isn't the answer then right?
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    My opinion on the transfers

    Exactly. Nowhere to go but up.
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    My opinion on the transfers

    I agree with all of you. It is concerning to me, moreso because how many missed on the recruiting trail can a program have? Its terrible. But as I said, to me it shows a coach who at least knows the clock is ticking. None of our transfers have balled out anywhere else except for KD. The lack of...