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    Stub hub

    Checking on stub hub for tomorrow’s game-in section 101- someone is selling a group of 20 tickets??? Wondering who owns them and why they own so many?? As a thirty year ticket holder I e never seen them available during the seating renewals.
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    Attendance and visiting fans.

    Maybe beating a dead horse but in the subject of opposing fans- Checking on stub hub I see over 3k of tickets for sale for each tcu home game. I haven’t gone and looked at all other big 12 schools but that number seems very high in relations to the overall seating capacity of Amon Carter...
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    Is this team worth the high dollar club seats?

    just wondering - assuming we end up with another mediocre season- or three -if we will start having trouble getting the new premium club seats sold Maybe it’s a good thing they weren’t ready to ensure next years seats are sold?? All I know if if you look at stub hub you can get great seats to...
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    Disappointed in TCU- part deux

    For those of you wondering - "what is this (insert your hateful adjective here) smufrogger whining about now?"...just save yourself and me some time and bypass this post. really, don't bother reading or replying... For those of you who offered some suggestions to my previous post, or...
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    Disappointed in TCU

    So- after graduating from Tcu over thirty years ago- over thirty years of donations to the school and holding season tickets for that entire time for my family- My son applied to the university for the fall. As a student at a rigorous high school- he’s in the top 4% of his class we figured he’s...