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  1. Gehörnter Frosch

    TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine now just TCU!

    I still find it absurd that there is only one Veterinarian School in the entire state of Texas....at A&M. I understand that it's a land grant university deal and is pervasive throughout the US, but TCU would be a perfect fit for a Vet program. It's a logical extension of the Ranch Management...
  2. Gehörnter Frosch

    For the German speaking Frogs, here's an interview with Alex Honig.

    Herr Poll was his name. I was in the same situation. He had me read Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud my senior year. Split it up over two semesters. Had to give an oral presentation and provide a written summary, both in English and Deutsch. TCU über alles!
  3. Gehörnter Frosch

    OT: VPN info and suggestions

    Have used Express for years now. Have it on all our Android phones, Chromebooks, and my gaming PC. It's fantastic, non-invasive, easy to set up and fast. When traveling, it is awesome to be in the Admirals Lounge or be in flight or in the hotel on public WiFi and know that I can log into my...
  4. Gehörnter Frosch

    Sports betting in Texas. When?

    LOL you are only giving one side of the story to suit your narrative and antagonistic position. The TMB is literally bogged down with physician investigations, and per capita for every NP that is under some sort of investigation, there are just as many physicians. And what about foreign...
  5. Gehörnter Frosch

    Sports betting in Texas. When?

    Absolutely ridiculous take. Show us the statistics or percentage of any given local population that actually participates in local gambling. It is very very very low. I can list you 20 major cities that have legalized gaming, and there is ZERO evidence to support what you are saying. Talk to...
  6. Gehörnter Frosch

    Sports betting in Texas. When?

    Harrah's and MGM would bend over backwards and do backflips to get into Texas. They aren't the ones fighting it. It's ridiculous when you realize how many states have legalized casino gambling now, and yet here's backwards ass Texas being sanctimonious on one hand while taking piles of cash...
  7. Gehörnter Frosch

    Sports betting in Texas. When?

    Casino gaming is the long term goal. Set up 5 gaming zones (Gulf Coast, West Texas, Valley, Hill Country, and North Texas). Allow 1 or 2 destination resort gaming licences in each zone. Tax the hell out of it, and all proceeds go to education and rainy day fund. It will never happen though...
  8. Gehörnter Frosch

    Bowl Envy?

    Wait, is there really a bowl named after Jimmy Kimmel? I mean, if that's true, and they aren't donating 100% of the bowl proceeds to charity, then that's a perfect indication that there are simply too many bowls. I literally could not care any less about college football bowls outside of the...
  9. Gehörnter Frosch

    New TCU NIL initiative

    This is a business now. In any business, there are sunshine pumpers and their are devil's advocates. It's the way of the world. The realists lie somewhere in between. Any good company has a balance of all three. The discourse should be welcome here, in a public forum, where more voices...
  10. Gehörnter Frosch

    New TCU NIL initiative

    We can't all post a thousand times a day on a message board. I'm guessing that's your measure of being productive. So you win the productivity award. Good job. Here's your cookie. Now run along.
  11. Gehörnter Frosch

    New TCU NIL initiative

    Is this a shell to get players money directly? Or is this another one of those guidance programs to teach players how to go get endorsement money for themselves? If it's the latter, it's a big freaking waste of time and much ado about nothing. Either pay the players directly (booster, to...
  12. Gehörnter Frosch

    Alexander Honig

    That's taken. Der Kommissar would work.
  13. Gehörnter Frosch

    Morris wearing Daltons Number?

    I'm ready for imaginary numbers. " Now kicking off for TCU, number √-9 " or as his friends call him, " ±3i "
  14. Gehörnter Frosch

    What Role Did KF.C Play?

    Horned Frog Blitz
  15. Gehörnter Frosch

    What Role Did KF.C Play?

    When the core of HFB turned on Patterson and were firing daggers at Donati, the administration definitely took notice. Over here though, there's too much incestuous guffawing and self aggrandizing for anyone from the outside to waste their time reading. Most of you think you are a whole lot...
  16. Gehörnter Frosch

    The defense? Who is in charge?

    Play Man up front, 3-3-5, with a 4-man rush every single down (either one of the LBs or a CB join the DL). Play Zone in the secondary, with the Strong Safety roaming freely. This stops you from having to guess Pass or Run each play, you always have someone on the QB, and you let your D-Line loose.
  17. Gehörnter Frosch

    Sobering Numbers: GP record against current B12 coaches

    Respect your opinions and perspective immensely, but you are not correct on this one. From top to bottom, from his strategy to his tactics, opposing coaches have cracked the code to beating Coach Patterson. By using data and analytics, and retooling their own schemes, they found the weak spots...
  18. Gehörnter Frosch

    Golf Cart Shuttle Request

    We can't see the flyovers from the Legends Club seats. Pretty disappointed about that, especially since there have been so many this season.