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    Basketball transfers

    It seems we have absolutely cleaned up here as of late. Landed Cassius Mcneily from Texas A&M today. former 4 star point guard out of canada. Believe he redshirted. Loads of potential
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    Any other bball transfers?

    Is anyone hearing of players leaving/coming in??
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    Micah Peavey

    Is 99.99% the next transfer
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    Damion Baugh

    Maybe this was why the staff seemingly is cool with RJ leaving? Kid is an athlete for sure.
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    My opinion on the transfers

    After months of reading how horrible our team was, I have concluded that what is happening now is a sign of a coach who knows he needs to win this upcoming year. NCAA or bust most likely , IMO. Or some sign of serious momentum(Huge recruiting win, etc.) Since high school kids seem worse than...
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    Spoke with a Coach today about TCU bball.

    Easley is leaving. Dont panic. We got the vandy guard, and apparently, we have one or two more big surprises on their way via transfer route in a good way..
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    We landed BB Transfer Maxwell Evans

    Looks like a good pickup. Can shoot, handle, big physical guy. Lefty.
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    My opinion on Beard Leaving

    Texas has and always will be generally ranked higher in Big12 than us. So with that being the normal expectation, I believe that him leaving Tech opens the door for teams like us to climb the ranks above tech. he will likely kill it there but I have seen stranger things. Higher rated recruits...
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    Big Ten LOL

    The big ten sucks. As always. Trash League. Boosted due to football revenue numbers. Hate it.
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    Basketball Thoughts

    !May be long! If we were to crunch the #s over how much money is pissed away in college athletics we would be appalled. Reality is, TCU has virtually 0 basketball history. I have as high of expectations as anyone, but I am also realistic. Of the 300+ teams in CBB, you have the blue bloods and...
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    TTech Game

    Trash charge calls. We look ok right now. But man, these refs. Easley was more set than the others just now. Trash.
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    Oscar Tshiebwe and thoughts

    He is not returning to WVU this year. All of a sudden makes that game a bit less intimidating. This board is fickle. We smoke A&M , Best a good OSU on the road, lost a close one to Oklahoma. we had a tough game the other night without Nembhard. why is everyone freaking out? After a week off...
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    NBA Scout Info

    Not a huge deal but talked to a scout. Says this TCU basketball team has the most NBA potential on it he’s ever seen a TCU team have.