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  1. J

    So glad TCU is not in a Bowl Game!

    I did not need or want to see TCU in the Cheese It Bowl. This team and season needed to be over. The team is unwatchable.
  2. J

    Coach Dykes Officially Named ESPN

    Done Deal
  3. J

    TCU Can Pay for Professional Players!

    Stop the doom and gloom when we cheated back in the 80’s we did great. We maintained a payroll of star players which were winning. Then we got caught actually turned ourselves in for amnesty. The ncaa gave us the living death penalty. We have rich alumni that can and should fire up the NLI...
  4. J

    How bad will Big 12 teams beat UT and OU now?

    Does anyone think TCU and other teams will beat and beat up UT and OU this year? If their best players aren’t injured by the second Big 12 Game something is wrong. Who cares about personal fouls and ejections. We need to punish these arrogant pricks and send them to SEC beaten, battered...
  5. J

    Quinton Johnson

    I think Quinton could be the next Boykin. Who agrees with me? Why don’t we target him more? Throw 50/50 balls to him? He is awesome and could be a first round draft pick.
  6. J

    Fort Worth Sack Exchange!

    Up 3 Sacks today.
  7. J

    Players not losing eligibility with 85 limit?

    If players don’t lose their eligibility this year and don’t leave how does that work? New recruits plus existing teams should push us over 85 man scholarship limit? We will lose some to transfer portal. Some will go Pro!! Some quit for medical or other reasons. Can those of you in the...
  8. J

    TCU Unranked Texas still Ranked

    Who thinks this is fair? TCU should have been ranked this week.
  9. J

    Max Duggan for Heisman!

    Max should be a candidate for the Heisman! Ehlinger was and Max outplayed him today. Too soon? What does the board think?
  10. J

    Nebraska goes nuclear on Big Ten

    Anyone seen Nebraska’s lawsuits against Big 10? Wow the Nebraska attorney general is going crazy. Demanding proof the Big 10 is registered as a non profit in the state! Requesting discovery on everything the Big 10 has! Amazing to watch!
  11. J

    Bowl Games and College Football Playoffs?

    What happens to CFP without two conferences playing? Will there be a Rose Bowl this year? Anyone know anything about this?
  12. J

    Will New Media Bid on College Football?

    Does anyone see Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Disneystreaming, Google, Microsoft bidding on college football when rights come up for bid? why? why not? If they do how high might rights get for college football?
  13. J

    First Five Star

    Zach Evans is a frog! Jeremy confirms it on 247
  14. J

    TEXAS Tech losses to Kansas

    Wow that has to hurt, but great for Kansas and the mad hatter!
  15. J

    3 Good Losses?

    SMU undefeated Iowa State won 4 straight KState beating OU Could we not suck as bad as I thought and the three teams we lost to are really good? what does board think?
  16. J

    Iowa State getting the Shaft!

    Anyone watching this game? This SEC crew is as bad as Big 12 refs!
  17. J

    Shewo The Running Back!

    Ok I was wrong he is a running back not a linebacker! Anyone else?
  18. J

    Missing Turpin

    I think we missed Turpin a lot. He was a leader and a spark for us. Not the reason we lost, but a major downer for our team. Turpin Time best returner in the nation and we had terrible kick off returns over and over. What does the board think?
  19. J

    Is this how Baylor Feels?

    For the first time I am embarrassed to wear my TCU gear in public. How does the board feel after watching the abortion in Kansas?
  20. J

    Add a dislike button

    i think we should add a dislike button next to the line button what does the board d think? I bet some of you would hit that on this thread!