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  1. FrogAbroad

    TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine now just TCU!

    Okay, y'all have me confused (not all that difficult, y'know) Is the TCU med school DO or MD or both or something else?
  2. FrogAbroad

    Latest CFP Expansion talks Stall!

    The current setup is sort of like the old shell game: the marks come close, close, c-l-o-s-e to winning so they'll keep playing and not move on to another game. And, every rare so-often, one will get a sniff of winning, but mainly so the mass of players--other than The Mouse and its...
  3. FrogAbroad

    Things I Miss

    A simple Thousand Island dressing can be made from mayo, ketchup and pickle relish. If you put those, separately, on a burger it's about the same as T'Island, or store-bought "sandwich spread." No, not exactly...I did say "about the same." Oh...another thought. When I was a kid, a whole...
  4. FrogAbroad

    Desmond Bane vs Lebron

    They just testin' the water gettin' ready for an NBA/WWE merger...
  5. FrogAbroad

    Fan Nation: Player Spotlight: Antonio Ortiz, TCU

    Minimum wage should push $700K, according to https://brobible.com/sports/article/what-is-minimum-nfl-salary/
  6. FrogAbroad

    Things I Miss

    Kern Tips...to me, he was Mister Southwest Conference Football. IMO, no one before or since could rival his play-by-play. If he had read the Fort Worth Yellow Pages it would have been great entertainment.
  7. FrogAbroad

    Zach Evans…

    The presence of the words "politician" and "honestly" in TCUdirtbag's OP, was, I think, quite humorously ironic.
  8. FrogAbroad

    Zach Evans…

    "Success is gettin' what you want. Happiness is wantin' what you get." --- Bro. Dave Gardner
  9. FrogAbroad

    Things I Miss

    Life is like a roll of toilet paper...the closer you get to the end the faster it goes.
  10. FrogAbroad

    Caleb Williams to the Portal

    For the past coupla years I find myself just a bit closer to the fan portal. PBR could win me over pretty easily nowadays.
  11. FrogAbroad

    OT - If Boulder burns…

    Yikes! Dunno how I managed to post one reply twice...
  12. FrogAbroad

    OT - If Boulder burns…

    Was that the Paradise High School story?
  13. FrogAbroad

    OT - If Boulder burns…

    Was that the Paradise High School story?
  14. FrogAbroad

    GoFrogs: Women’s Hoops to Host SMU on Sunday

    Not a good day for the Lady Frogs... Link
  15. FrogAbroad

    General Bowl Games Conversation

    Man, I thought OSU was gonna give this one away at the end...
  16. FrogAbroad

    General Bowl Games Conversation

    Doggone good series for the OSU D...
  17. FrogAbroad

    Happy New Year From 2022-EST

    No fireworks at the Abroads' Abode, just smoked brisket, jalapeño cornbread and blackeyed peas. Oh, and a bit of Corsicana fruitcake to top off the feast...
  18. FrogAbroad

    General Bowl Games Conversation

    Rainy Sun Bowl shaping up to be an entertaining game for those who aren't WSU fans...
  19. FrogAbroad

    General Bowl Games Conversation

    SEC mafia gonna hit those zeebs for not reversing that 4th down call...