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    Big news at 8:17am Monday morning.....

    Downgrade in my opinion. All of my non-TCU fans loved the Wakonda uniform and it was widely considered to be one of the coolest uniforms in cfb. Take the TCU logos off and this looks like Pascal High School uniforms
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    2025 Recruiting Thread

    When I see a 5 Star flip to us, my first thought is: how long can we keep him? This idea that you have to recruit your own roster every year has to be infuriating for coaches. Feels like NIL deals should have buyouts in them. You ball out for TCU for a year and now Texas or Bama is coming...
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    2024 Football Regular Season Predictions

    Think we're in a bit of trouble. Hoover really needed the spring reps to get in sync with his receivers. The offense doesn't work without a deep threat to keep defenses honest. Hoover, even when healthy, had some limitations when it comes to scrambling. A good scrambler can make up for a lot of...
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    National Support for the Frogs

    I like the idea of facing the #1 team first. You get much more time to prepare for your first game (28 days) than the second (9 days). If the goal is to win a national championship, and not merely play for one, I kind of like the 4 spot.
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    TCU's Kryptonite = ISU

    The question is: how many points to we need to beat them by to not end up #6 in the polls. History tells us > 52.
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    FWST: Fan poll: Who should be TCU football’s starting quarterback next season?

    I have to confess, as a student in 2007, I joined in an "Action Jackson" chant; encouraging GP to pull freshman QB Andy Dalton and put in Marcus Jackson. Long story short, I'm glad fans don't get a vote.
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    FWST: Fan poll: Who should be TCU football’s starting quarterback next season?

    I agree with this, accuracy is an issue - but the biggest issue is consistency. Lots of QBs show flashes of brilliance, but the big winners are consistent. Under Gary, there's no doubt in my mind that Max would get the nod. Patterson seemed to be big "he's earned it" guy. I think the decision...