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    I may be stupid...but KF Forum does not connect for me

    I think the original post is trying to say that people that are either new to TCU and/or avid sports fans cannot find Killer Frogs if they do not know how to look for it. I have had people over the past few months tell me that they cannot find the Killer Frogs forum that we all know and love by...
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    Trent Dilfer: CFB "super league" within 18-24 months?

    Why can't the super conferences, etc be for football only? Let the other sports be in more regional conferences. For example, the PAC 12 should still exist for baseball. It is stupid to make those baseball programs join a limited baseball conference (Big 10) just to follow the football teams. I...
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    Cincinnati Enquirer: Cincinnati Bearcat basketball back looking for a Big 12 win Tuesday against TCU

    Players to watch Baylor's Emanuel Miller has been Big 12 honorable mention the past two seasons. He averages 16.8 points per game and has had a high of 29 against Georgetown. In their recent win over No. 9 Oklahoma Miller had 27 points and he led them with 13 in the victory over No. 2 Houston.
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    Did Ron Jiles ever get an NFL tryout/camp?

    No Scott Ankrom on the list? Bogus !!!!
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    How about a positive from the game

    Emani Bailey is fun to watch and an absolute stud at running back. 21 152 7.2 That is all
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    TCU Can they host the super regional if Iowa beats Indiana State?

    On the Indiana State baseball forum, they are saying that they are not able to host a regional next weekend because of a previous commitment for all facilities to host a big special Olympics tournament. https://sycamorepride.com/threads/isu-baseball-2023-thread.44454/page-50
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    SI: A Tribute to Bram Kohlhausen

    "And when asked to brave inclement elements, I absolutely hated anything involving a ball and air. And as anyone who witnessed the great night of January 2, 2016 can attest, it was a cold, rainy, miserable game I had to endure for two quarters and a seemingly longer halftime. Needless to say...
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    GoFrogs: Lamar at TCU Baseball Preview

    He said don't be surprised if all three starters this weekend are freshman. Outside of Klecker on Friday, he did not name the other 2. As the post said, it will be TBD.
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    QJ not invited to the NFL draft

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    The Journal: TCU to join Big South Conference

    There was a time in the mid to late 90s that this would one day be a headline for tcu. Thank God for Coach Fran, LT, Patterson, etc
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    247 Sports: Former TCU star QB Max Duggan works out for the Dallas Cowboys ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft, per report

    IF that is the case, I hope Georgia doesn't show up on the Cowboys schedule. It could get ugly quick.
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    Killer Frogs/FN: Mem'ries Sweet: Abby Faber Throws out the First Pitch at Lupton

    I cannot explain it, but the whole story about this little girl and the connection to TCU always brings a tear to my eye. I wish this broken world had more stories like this.