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  1. campdavid23

    FWST: TCU football recruiting notebook: Horned Frogs lose local star, but add talented safety

    can someone please remind me what P5 school plays under center…
  2. campdavid23

    Spring Game Thread

    So Hoover could have played…so he could have practiced?
  3. campdavid23

    Spring Game Thread

    Seals made some good throws ..drops by a couple usual WR suspects from last year, that I hope would improve this year…very good RB combo with Cook and Palmer. Noticeably improved D…Hope this is not a big set back for Hoover missing this spring, based on last year, he’s clearly the starter on...
  4. campdavid23

    So long, Sports Illustrated

    lets try Martha Stewart…
  5. campdavid23

    Ken Seals…

    Thought about that..he was originally a QB when he was recruited… still think the message is being sent to JH
  6. campdavid23

    Ken Seals…

    JH wore 17 in HS…17 is taken here by Battle, another offensive player, Seals wore 8 in HS and at Vandy and 8 is retired here, about 5 available QB #s he could choose, Plus the “there‘s a new sheriff in town” look…. I don’t think this was by accident…IMO
  7. campdavid23

    Ken Seals…

    Is he wearing # 10??
  8. campdavid23

    Which TCU NY6/BCS win will ultimately stand as the most memorable?

    Agree…Sun Bowl win turned the corner for this program..Paul Hackett was the USC coach, former Dallas OC, master of the 2yd pass…let it be known his displeasure of having to play us…take your a$$hat back to LaLa land
  9. campdavid23

    OT: Lone Star Beer. Question from some of the older beer drinkers here.

    Miller High Life..."the champagne of bottled beers"...my go to in college, and Coors ( if I wanted to splurge) which was the fashion beer in the mid 70's.
  10. campdavid23

    Bailey to NFL Draft

    7th round...maybe
  11. campdavid23

    OT: Lone Star Beer. Question from some of the older beer drinkers here.

    Not much of a beer drinker, but Shiner Bock out of the tap is pretty darn good..as for Lone Star, I like the taste...just don't feel well after I drink one...yes only one, have had others say the same too.
  12. campdavid23

    Defense Wins Championships

    In the words of Nick Sabin…”you have to score points to win”…his point is the athletes now are so good, you can’t just can’t count on stopping teams anymore with defenses… well said
  13. campdavid23

    Fire Kendal Briles

    We are 13th in the nation in total offense..3rd in the BIGXII...we HAVE a decent OC, we don't have decent OL or consistent WR play....fix that....watch out!!
  14. campdavid23

    Petrino back to Arkansas?!?

    Heard he just renewed is Harley Hog club membership...
  15. campdavid23

    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Forget NIL ...cut him in on your will...
  16. campdavid23


    Overlooking WA.. A undefeated WA could bump UT out
  17. campdavid23

    One big difference on offense...

    Ok with Briles… DC is done.. Offense is ranked 13th nationally..know some play calling is questionable… but come on
  18. campdavid23

    What movie title (or TV show) would best describe the 2023 defense?

    Barney….don’t tell JG… he thinks they’re hypnotoad