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  1. Atom

    Johnathan Gray update

    Saw that Johnathan Gray is playing indoor football at Frisco. No comment. https://friscofighters.com/sports/football/roster/johnathan-gray/50
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    I've seen that Baylor has an E-sports team. Would that be a good idea for TCU? I don't know much about it. Is it considered a true sport similar to the others or is it like a club team? Seems like it would be a pretty small capital investment comparably that could accommodate men and women...
  3. Atom

    Wallow vs Summers

    Wallow a little faster, Summers a little stouter. Who ya got?
  4. Atom

    Shaq Diesel coming to TCU

    Seeing this on Instagram. Oct 25th. I bet a lot of people turn up. Should be awesome For you old whiteys, Shaq Diesel is Shaq's dj/rapper name
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    Power 5 Schools ranked on total athletics

    We are a rifle school. https://sports.yahoo.com/ranking-all-65-power-five-schools-in-overall-athletic-success-155454743.html
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    Kenrich Williams having a solid game

    At Houston with 8 pts, 16 reb with about a minute left .
  7. Atom

    RIP Doc Dodson class of '58

    He was a special man to everybody that was blessed to meet him and he loved TCU. His obituary has some funny TCU stories. http://www.npwelch.com/obituary/james-doc-ezell-dodson/
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    Not fancy or craft, but I'm really liking the cheladas that are being mass produced now. Obviously I prefer the homemade variety but the Modelo spicy is pretty good in my opinion.