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  1. Froglaw

    Larry Brown Sports: 'Stay at TCU, Sonny'

    SEC = Death Trap for coaching careers.
  2. Froglaw

    Coach Dykes Officially Named ESPN

    Say those names while listening to a Led Zeppelin album. Those were the days.
  3. Froglaw

    Let's see. SMU fans threw coins at Billy Tubbs, connecting one time. What will they throw at Sonny?

    SMU fans will be on the boulevard drinking White Claws, eating catered food, and complaining about how Unions have ruined their favourite grocery store. Nobody will be in their stadium but the old alumni complaining about the death penalty.
  4. Froglaw

    We Definitely have the worst fans in College Football

    I reserve the right to be mad until further notice.
  5. Froglaw

    What a complete pile of garbage

    Tcu fans are spoiled. I don't know if we won five games the whole time I was in school. Just as few in basketball and baseball. Tennis was rhe only bright spot. Reading this board reminds me of how blessed TCU is in sports and media presence. Bad year. It's over. We beat Cal, Tech, and a...
  6. Froglaw

    Fan Nation: TCU "Zeroed" In On SMU's Dykes As Next Head Coach

    Bob Woodward (remember him) writes in his new book that VP Pence called former VP Dan Quayle on January 5, 2021 who literally read the Constitution to Pence. Pence "tried to ride two horses" by attemting not to violate the Constitution while appeasing the former would be dictator. Yep...
  7. Froglaw

    Thanksgiving Food For Thought

    Venison back strap will be my contribution to the family spread. I wish I had gone with chilli!
  8. Froglaw

    GoFrogs: Sweet Victory! Bright’s Hat Trick Leads TCU Past Princeton

    Maybe it's time for a reverse Ted Lasso?
  9. Froglaw


    Game, Set, Match!
  10. Froglaw

    Coach P. and Mrs. P. will be in the tunnel one last time; show up early if you can

    I'll be there I have eight extra tickets for anyone who wants them. No charge. First come first gets. Text me at 214-796-8996
  11. Froglaw

    Who is your favorite GP-era Horned Frog?

    Tank Schobel - any of them
  12. Froglaw

    Yahoo! Sports: TCU running back Zach Evans tweets plea for school to hire Deion Sanders

    This is bound to help an already perfect situation.o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:mad:
  13. Froglaw

    TCU athletic drpartment can suck a fat one. Piss off Donati you cretin scum

    If an event, store, or restaurant wants me to put on a mask, I put on a mask. This week, I had a check up with my doctor who has an adult Special needs child. He has been exposed to Covid six times requiring his boy to stay at home in quarantine. He wears a mask and despite the exposure to...
  14. Froglaw

    Matt Campbell

    For some unknown reason that would also explain why corn is yellow, Iowa owns ISU.
  15. Froglaw

    Kill's Frogs - A Tale Of Hope On The Good Ship Carter

    The Carter had torn black and purple sails. She was being pushed by the prevailing winds across the Hell's Half Acre sea. Streaks of red covered her sails and her sides. With only three gun ports on the Carter showing cannon, the Bear ship from south moved in for the final broadside In the...
  16. Froglaw

    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I think he is the best choice, hands down. Can recruit Texas. Knows the transfer portal. Solid on offense and defense. Knows TCU as an institution. No one else checks all those boxes. Show me a canindate that can recruit players and bring them to TCU and I'll change my mind.
  17. Froglaw

    NBC DFW: TCU Settles Federal Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Last Year

    A win (a good settlement) is when both parties settle and both are unhappy. Or A jury hands the bailiff its final verdict which still makes both sides angry. Tcu will get out with a cash payment, a Release in Full, and a non disclosure agreement. Not all bad considering the press a trial...