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  1. FinanceFrog

    TCU/Kstate opening line

    I’m seeing TCU -10. Seems like a lot. I figured TCU would be favored by under a TD.
  2. FinanceFrog

    anyone in bora bora for the game?

    my gf and i took the yacht to bora bora for a vacay before she goes back to school. anyone in the area for a game watching party?
  3. FinanceFrog

    NC Gear

    what should our national championship gear look like? i think it'd be cool to have a flat billed hat with the flying T then a national champions patch on the side. maybe list all the teams we've beaten on the back of the hat. for t-shirts i think we should make a jersey with the number 17...
  4. FinanceFrog

    how do you fold this thing?!?

    received the frog club sun shade ive been so anxiously awaiting. how do you fold this thing to get it back in the bag? i need it folded so it doesn't take up my whole trashcan.