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  1. LVH

    Kansas basketball loses to Dayton

    This Dayton team lost to UMass Lowell, Lipscomb by 20 and Austin Peay Horrible loss
  2. LVH

    Coaches got way too much blame. Where is the blame for the players?

    So much quit and a lack of heart. Not saying the coaching staff is without blame. But this is sad.
  3. LVH

    TCU athletic drpartment can suck a fat one. Piss off Donati you cretin scum

    Requiring masks to get into the basketball game tonight. Absolutely absurd.
  4. LVH

    Is anyone here hating Baylor this week?

    I get the coaching news is a distraction but I don't want anyone to lose sight of hating Baylor
  5. LVH

    Credit to Doug Meacham

    I believe he called a good game today, even the 1st quarter he called good plays its just Max was inaccurate with his throws to open receivers. And this was one of the better defenses we will face this year. Just need to hope the defense's issues was not executing and mental breakdowns instead...
  6. LVH

    OT: I-35W

    What a massive trainwreck this highway is. I feel its been under construction since I was at TCU 10 years ago. Will it ever finish? Always traffic on this highway. Especially South Bound between Heritage Trace and 820 and then starting again at Northside. I even see the express lanes that...
  7. LVH

    Some of you need to drop this Pac 12 delusion

    The Pac 12 isn't happening. Accept it and move on.
  8. LVH

    TexAgs pays 2 A&M players $10k each for a 30 minute interview

    This is the type of [ #2020 ] I warned about when all the soapboxxers were tearing their clothes over how evil it is that players can't profit off their likeness I wonder if the linemen who block for Isaiah Spiller will see any money.
  9. LVH

    The Fourth Branch of Government

    Our founders designed a government with 3 equal branches accountable to one another via checks & balances. However it's clear we have a 4th branch of government and that is the intelligence community. Unlike the other 3, this branch is unaccountable, unelected and supersedes the other 3. This...
  10. LVH

    OT: How to not feel like an a-hole for turning down a job offer

    I've been looking for a new job the last few weeks and have a very in demand skillset so naturally I have gotten a ton of bites. I've been interviewing almost non stop for the last couple of weeks. Dozens of different companies. I got my first offer yesterday and I just turned it down about 5...
  11. LVH

    John McAfee didn't kill himself

    That is all
  12. LVH

    Do you think Quentin Johnston will become one of Max Duggan's top receiving targets this season?

    I think Quentin Johnston showed a lot of flashes of being a good big play receiver last year so I am wondering if you all think he can take the next step and emerge as one of the go to guys for Duggan.
  13. LVH

    Examples of Pure Democrat Party Racism thread

    I will start Texas Democrats walked out of the legislative session to stall an election security bill, and used the racist argument that minorities are too stupid and too poor to vote in the manner and time prescribed by the proposed law. They are just too dumb, too incompetent, too moronic and...
  14. LVH

    Is Zach Evans going to get more carries this year?

    I understand he was just a freshman last year who arrived late and was still learning the offense but after a full offseason and spring do you see him getting more carries?
  15. LVH

    LSU moving to 100% capacity and no masks this weekend

    What is our excuse? They have a democrat governor and are located in a democrat run city/parish and just lifted their statewide mask mandate yesterday. Already moving to 100%. Meanwhile at TCU...
  16. LVH

    Oklahoma hires Porter Moser

    Bad news for us in my opinion
  17. LVH

    Grant McCasland

    Win or lose I think how North Texas has performed in his tenure and performed here against Purdue means we at least should give him a phone call. North Texas up 7 in overtime, we may be able to add North Texas with Stephen F Austin as teams from Texas who have won NCAA tournament games this...
  18. LVH

    Joe Golding and Grant McCasland

    I think we could do a lot worse than either of these guys as basketball coach.
  19. LVH

    Mask Hatred Olympics

    If mask hating were an Olympic Sport, I'd be standing at the top of the medal podium with my hand over my heart as the Star Spangled Banner played.
  20. LVH

    Democrats pass 1.9 trillion "COVID relief" bill at 2am

    Can any democrats here explain to me how this bill is so great and is the so called rescue plan democrats are saying it is? Anyone want to defend it? Nancy gets $140 million for a train tunnel in the Silicon Valley. What does this have to do with COVID? Only 9% of the COVID relief bill is...