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  1. jake102

    Darwin Barlow enters portal

    It was bound to happen to a RB, but a little surprised it's him.
  2. jake102

    Jaedon LeDee enters portal

    Also take notice of reply below it...
  3. jake102

    Financial discussion thread - Stocks/stonks, investments, etc

    Figured some people on KFC may have interest in a general catch-all thread for financial stuff. Mods - I put in the Pit because it's not sports related but nobody goes in "the Bar" or whatever it is. I would prefer that this doesn't get overly political, more focused on financial discussion...
  4. jake102

    Chandler Morris transfers to TCU

    Figured it deserved its own thread. Transfers from OU.
  5. jake102

    BYU to play Coastal Carolina this weekend

    They agreed to play this Saturday. Coastal Carolina will host. Awesome game for two undefeated teams
  6. jake102

    ESPN: Jason Verrett story

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30246845/how-san-francisco-49ers-jason-verrett-worked-way-back-field-little-bit-nipsey-hussle Not bad - although no TCU mention
  7. jake102

    Duggan out for at least part of the year

    He may be out entire year or longer Figured it needed it’s own thread. Downing is starter and our backups behind him are awful at this point
  8. jake102

    2021 TCU Baseball - who is returning?

    Just curious since I saw that Gene Wood and Humphreys have both announced they will return for 2021 as super seniors. Mostly interested in Ray, King and Smith as all were eligible for the draft, and in the case of Ray and especially Smith, potentially decent draft picks. I know the change in...
  9. jake102

    ESPN: Ranking College Football's Top 10 Safeties

    1. Trevon Moehrig, TCU Moehrig's 2019 season was one of the best we have ever seen at the position. Not only was he the most valuable safety of the season, but he also had the third-most valuable season we have seen in the PFF College era. Regardless of where he was on the field, Moehrig was an...
  10. jake102

    OT: Market meltdown. Get in your hot takes

    Especially for those of us in O&G, what a nightmare. Fundamental issues in the market or Coronavirus fueled with some oil price wars?
  11. jake102

    Game thread?

    Nothing loading for me...
  12. jake102

    We held Baylor under 300 yards in a 3OT game and LOST

    We can’t scream for Cumbie to be fired enough
  13. jake102

    Basketball:Hawaii trip to Football:Oklahoma State game

    Would be a solid SAT question The moment where both programs collapsed into dumpster fire status and everyone abandoned ship
  14. jake102


    Not the best game ever.
  15. jake102

    ESPN: All 23 transfer QBs ranked

    Spoiler: Hurts is #1, Buechele #4 Delton #21 Good work TCU https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27678271/ranking-every-2019-transfer-qb-led-jalen-hurts-justin-fields
  16. jake102

    McShay preseason 1st round NFL draft

    13. Lucas Niang, OT, TCU Height: 6-7 | Weight: 328 | Grade: 88 Niang started all 13 games at right tackle in 2018 but also has experience on the left side. He is massive at 6-foot-7 with very good length and is an elite pass-blocker. His wide frame and balance make it tough to cross his face...
  17. jake102

    Noah Daniels out for the season

    Per his instagram
  18. jake102

    Call your shot: Who has the most playing time at QB for TCU in 2019?

    Poll attached Note: this is who plays the most in 2019, not who starts game 1.
  19. jake102

    Niang is back!

    Per Drew Davison Huge news