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  1. FrogByBirth

    Max intends to return in 2022

    Where would he go?! NFL draft (bwahahahahaha) or some FCS team that wants to run the ball without an accurate passer?!
  2. FrogByBirth

    Fan Nation: TCU "Zeroed" In On SMU's Dykes As Next Head Coach

    I, too, thought there was a [ #2020 ]ty Joe Biden Math in that article. They lost to Cincinnati when they were 8-2.
  3. FrogByBirth

    For those of you purple geniuses that told me to shut up

    About making a QB change……… 4 weeks ago - scheiss you!!
  4. FrogByBirth

    How many of you would take a gig where you could make $5+ million a year and

    Perform with below average performance results in your job?! And, even worse……… to hire numerous over paid, highly paid assistants to perform below average and then not hold them accountable?!?! Pretty sweet deal…….
  5. FrogByBirth

    UTSA Coach Jeff Traylor

    I just don’t understand why Patterson has had his head in the sand for so many years?! There are always a lot of up and coming terrific assistant coaches around - that as a ”CEO” you should always be looking to upgrade and improve your company. Talent wise with players and coaches. He has...
  6. FrogByBirth

    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Wildcats

    These coaches couldn’t find their ass with either hand! This is the most unmotivated team I’ve seen here in 20 years!
  7. FrogByBirth

    WR sweep inside the 10 yard line?!

    Inside the 10 yard line you don’t loose 5 yards on a dumb ass play like that!
  8. FrogByBirth

    Duggan would over throw or under throw

    A ball thrown in the fckn ocean!!
  9. FrogByBirth

    WR sweep inside the 10 yard line?!

    Straight ahead doesn’t loose 5 yards, dip sht
  10. FrogByBirth

    WR sweep inside the 10 yard line?!

    Run the ball straight ahead [ Arschloch]s!!!! It isn’t slow developing - dumbasses!!!
  11. FrogByBirth

    Pre-Season hype………….. Reality!

    So called best DE combination in the country? Bwahahahahahahahaha. Bwahahahahahahahaha [ What the heck? ]?! Best secondary in the Big 12? Bwahahahahahahahaha [ What the heck? ]?! Solid athletic Linebackers..? Bwahahahahahahahaha [ What the heck? ]?! Strong DT’s…….. Bwahahahaha Mature Experienced 3 year starter at QB……...
  12. FrogByBirth

    FWST: TCU football coach Gary Patterson must decide if this is worth the trouble | Opinion

    Gary will blame everyone but himself and his coaches. He'll blame the fans, the youth on the team, the blah, blah, blah.......... For his $5 million a year and assistants making $400,000+, he should say "we suck at coaching........and we'll do better fast!" POOR Attendance is because the team...
  13. FrogByBirth

    Hey Gary you suck

    Patterson does suck!!!! He’s never been a CEO, and now he’s not even a good COO, his Defense is a joke. He’s clueless about anything on Offense. He’ll never go find new, up and coming, better assistants!!! Get used to loosing seasons - they’re here to stay!! For us, Gary’s terrible
  14. FrogByBirth

    Fire Gary? No, recall this program before Gary!

    You’re smoking some good hashish. Stop doing drugs!! Go lie down…….
  15. FrogByBirth

    GoFrogs: Horned Frogs Edged by Mountaineers

    Edged ??!! Must be a liberal Dem journalist. It’s all about spin and not facts. Whoever wrote it……. Go work for MSNBC or CNN. Or go live in Venezuela Tcu got their ass kicked. And showed up with zero energy and motivation- as usual!!
  16. FrogByBirth

    Here come all the excuses……………!!!!

    For us We’re really young They stole our signals The sun was in our eyes
  17. FrogByBirth

    Where is win #4 on the schedule?

    Kansas always plays TCU tough. This is a 3-9 team
  18. FrogByBirth

    They tried to tell us with our season slogan

    Or teaching a current team to tackle!! Worst LBrs in 20 years