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    Has there been a wilder sports week around here?

    The bingo cards have been going crazy since last Friday. Not in any kind of order: Frogs get embarrassed. Michigan gets over Buckeye hump OSU finally wins Bedlam Baylor stumbles into B12 championship game @flyfishingfrog says something dumb Lincoln leaves for USC Dykes confirmed Cowboys covid...
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    Tech hires Joey McGuire

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    Haven't seen this atmosphere since OU in 14. This is awesome. We may have our swagger back.
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    Morris throwing is like Mozart painting

    Wow. It's glorious. Too bad he's undersized but damn he throws a good ball.
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    Future Scheduling

    Any thoughts on how this affects future opponents? I'm sure JD will have more say in the quality of opponent we seek. If the B12 stays with the 9-game schedule once the new 4 come in then the FCS game needs to be dropped entirely. If they go back to the old 8-game format I guess I'm OK with...
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    Sobering Numbers: GP record against current B12 coaches

    7-20. You read that right...7-20. 0-3 against Brown 0-3 Kleiman 4-5 Gundy 0-5 Lincoln 2-3 Campbell 1-0 Aranda 0-1 Sark NR against Sonny and Leipold. With good fortune he'll be 8-23 by season's end. Wow.
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    Is Gary on the flight home?

    Or does JD order a rental car at halftime and tell Gary to go spend some time down the road with family?
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    Why are there fireworks?

    If we were victorious we would have beaten a 2-5 team that lost to Tehc. If we lost we would have been defeated by a team that lost to Tehc. This is scheissing embarrassing either way.
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    When was the last time we came back from 2 scores in the 4th qu?

    I'm sure it was within the last 10-12 years but I don't recall it happening and I doubt Gary has the mental capacity to make it happen.
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    Week 4 AP...Frogs clock in at...

    26th with 91 votes. KSU rounding out the top 25. https://apnews.com/hub/ap-top-25-college-football-poll?week=4
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    Bobby Bowden Dead at 91

    Wasn't much of a fan but the guy had a very impressive resume. Stay hard, Coach Bowden
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    Pebble Beach - Tom Hoge

    With Speith taking a bogey on 2 and Tommy birdieing 4, he's tied for the lead at -11.
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    Future First Daughter

    I present to you....Ella Emhoff. Just signed a modeling contract. Hubba hubba.
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    Tulsi Gabbard - Joe Rogan

    https://open.spotify.com/episode/07juCiH3Wrv7AKilHwVWvf?si=1nYfr9JlRJm0sKtLKIL4eQ She makes too much sense. No wonder HRC saw her as such a threat. There's a lot I disagree with her about but she would have been a formidable opponent against DJT and I think could have legitimately won.
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    What's on Hunter's Laptop???

    We're told it's pretty horrific. What could it be?
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    Other Games - Week 15

    No clue why Arizona and ASU had such an early start but Stormy Buonatony is the sideline reporter.