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  1. Big Frog II

    Dear Sonny,

    Welcome back to Fort Worth. If you would, do me a favor. Please hire the best special team's coach you can find. With so many one score outcomes, they can make you or break you. Sincerely, Big Frog II
  2. Big Frog II

    Texas Tech to Select Joey McGuire?

    Anyone surprised?
  3. Big Frog II

    Pole Asssassin

    Jeff Banks and the Monkey. You have to give the Longhorns credit. They know how to keep things interesting.
  4. Big Frog II

    Are There Any Assistants You Would Keep?

    Name them.
  5. Big Frog II

    Through Half of the Season Grades

    Offense B+ Continues to improve. Pleasantly surprised. Special Teams C Quit running the kickoffs back to the 18. Defense F Has been a disaster this year.
  6. Big Frog II

    Dear Football Team and Coaches,

    We play SMU this week. Please do not pretend this is a no big deal game. Watch for trick plays. Make sure they can't steal your signals like last time. Sincerely, Big Frog II
  7. Big Frog II

    Hard to Believe We Have a Game in 2 Weeks

    Even though I did attend all the home games last year, it was still like we didn't have a season because of the absence of many fans at the games or parking lots. Looking forward to this season since I expect us to continue to improve. Oh and thank goodness it is at 7.
  8. Big Frog II

    Dear Big 12,

    Can we now get rid of that stupid 15 yard penalty for horns down. Since they are blowing up the conference, that should not be a penalty and neither should flipping them the bird. Sincerely, Big Frog II
  9. Big Frog II

    Dear Gary,

    We need to be really, really good this year. Need to pull out all the stops and show the country we are a force to be reckoned with. P.S. Don't beat Cal to soundly.
  10. Big Frog II

    SEC Won't Reschedule for Covid

    If you don't have enough players, you will have to forfeit.
  11. Big Frog II

    Dear Baseball Stadium Personnel

    Please get rid of that ultra slow Alma Mater tape. It is horrendous. We and the team would do a much better job singing with no music at all. It's like you are playing a 78 record at 33 1/3. Other than that this weekend has been a blast and I am so glad to see actual people without masks.
  12. Big Frog II

    TCU - Texas MBB

    Final game of the regular season.
  13. Big Frog II

    Basketball Ticket Question

    I was checking my phone for my tickets tonight, and I noticed they now say this pass has expired. How do you refresh the ticket for today's date?
  14. Big Frog II

    Prayers for a Former TCU Football Player

    A player from the 70's is in the hospital in grave condition fighting this awful virus. Let's send him and his family our prayers for healing and comfort.
  15. Big Frog II

    Ollie Gordon of Trinity High School

    After rushing for 455 yards against perennial power Allen, we might want to offer this guy a scholarship.
  16. Big Frog II

    Ohio State and Michigan is Cancelled

    I'm sure the committee will still find enough data points to get the Buckeyes in the playoffs.
  17. Big Frog II

    Now We Know Why SMU Was Not Scheduled

    Due to Covid positive tests at SMU their game with Houston is cancelled Saturday. They hope to make it up Dec. 12.
  18. Big Frog II

    Big 10 Corona Virus Protocol

    If you test positive like the Wisconsin QB has done. He is now out of football for three weeks regardless. In a Big 10 season that is only 8 weeks long with no off dates, if you get a positive test you are in going to miss nearly half your season. Stiff penalty especially if you test negative...
  19. Big Frog II

    Football Stadium Safety

    For those sitting on the fence wondering if it is safe to attend a game in person I offer my opinion. First I am very cautious about the virus. I stay away from people and wear my mask. As for the game, I felt very safe. TCU has done a great job of making this as safe of an environment as...
  20. Big Frog II

    MBB to Begin Nov. 25th

    Maybe we can have a close to normal basketball season this year. As for as the number of fans in attendance. That is all together different question.