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  1. FrogByBirth

    For those of you purple geniuses that told me to shut up

    About making a QB change……… 4 weeks ago - scheiss you!!
  2. FrogByBirth

    How many of you would take a gig where you could make $5+ million a year and

    Perform with below average performance results in your job?! And, even worse……… to hire numerous over paid, highly paid assistants to perform below average and then not hold them accountable?!?! Pretty sweet deal…….
  3. FrogByBirth

    Duggan would over throw or under throw

    A ball thrown in the fckn ocean!!
  4. FrogByBirth

    WR sweep inside the 10 yard line?!

    Run the ball straight ahead [ Arschloch]s!!!! It isn’t slow developing - dumbasses!!!
  5. FrogByBirth

    Pre-Season hype………….. Reality!

    So called best DE combination in the country? Bwahahahahahahahaha. Bwahahahahahahahaha [ What the heck? ]?! Best secondary in the Big 12? Bwahahahahahahahaha [ What the heck? ]?! Solid athletic Linebackers..? Bwahahahahahahahaha [ What the heck? ]?! Strong DT’s…….. Bwahahahaha Mature Experienced 3 year starter at QB……...
  6. FrogByBirth

    Here come all the excuses……………!!!!

    For us We’re really young They stole our signals The sun was in our eyes
  7. FrogByBirth


    QB can’t hit RBs 5 yards from him. He threw 3 balls today in the ground unintentionally! Thats 14 this year. ????!!! Ive said it before- he could only throw 3 out of 4 balls in an ocean
  8. FrogByBirth

    Coaching…….. this team isn’t improving and

    Hasn’t for 4 years. They’re below average for the 4th year in a row!!!
  9. FrogByBirth

    This Defense is turrible

    And WR sweep on 3rd and 4, OC is a dumb ass
  10. FrogByBirth

    Get to 6 wins........

    that was his goal all along. He knew what he had and coached accordingly. Bad coaching, bad schemes, bad team Never been a NFL fan or a NHL fan. Lets go Cowboys, lets go Stars!!! Still wont ever watch NBA and [ the old ricardo ] suck Lebron commie BLM'r or the IDIOT Rangers and MLB (MLKB). scheiss em all!!
  11. FrogByBirth

    RUN THE scheissING BALL!!!!!!!

    Geesus Powder Puff Pansy Offensive football...................... Dumbasses
  12. FrogByBirth

    Can we hire a baseball coach that has the guts to tell the kids to cut their hair….

    And look like men and a baseball team instead of a bunch of long haired girls. How can UT have a clean cut baseball team and TCU can’t?! All this long hair looks stupider than [ #2020 ]
  13. FrogByBirth

    SCREW MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and any other liberal left sports entity.

    I'm tired of being labeled a racist, a white supremacist and an [ Arschloch] because I'm an old white guy. I'm not a racist, I'm not a white supremacist but I am an [ Arschloch]. Just because I want our elections to be honest, accurate and not corrupt! I don't want people who are not entitled to vote...
  14. FrogByBirth

    When we run RIGHT AT Defenses.....

    We play really well When we play cute ball and wr sweeps we suck. Coaches- it isn’t brain surgery!!!!
  15. FrogByBirth

    If TCU can’t run the ball straight at Ok St,

    They get their #@$&*s kicked. Because they sure as hell aren’t going to throw it well.
  16. FrogByBirth

    Time to earn a paycheck.........Cumbie, Meachum,

    Anderson and anyone associated with this pathetic offense
  17. FrogByBirth

    We went all the way around the world to find a punter

    that can kick a football 38 yards at a time!?!?!? My 14 year old grandson can do that right here in Texas!!!
  18. FrogByBirth

    He can’t throw a ball in the friggin’ ocean.....

    Has no clue we’re he’s throwing the football!! High Low Wide Offensive coaches should give back half their salaries!!!
  19. FrogByBirth

    Man UP!!! Run the ball with power!!!!

    You want to throw the ball - run screen plays to the strength of your offense - RUNNUNG BACKS!!!! GP- RUN THE BALL!!!!!!!