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  1. Rana1

    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    Kellen Moore lost a total of 3 games in his four year collegiate career as a starter. 2 of those losses were to TCU. Just sayin'
  2. Rana1

    TCU: 50 Years: TCU’s First Black Homecoming Queen Honored with Portrait, Game Tribute

    My wife and I are classmates of Jennifer, and I remember her as a beautiful, intelligent, and classy lady, that has always been a great representative of TCU.
  3. Rana1

    OT: Trip to Kansas City, MO

    I have experienced a virtual tour of the stars at the Museum At Prairieview. Don.t know how old your son is, but we are 72 and enjoyed being with our grand kids in a "space" ship tour!
  4. Rana1

    GoFrogs: Dr. James Cash to be Honored with TCU Campus Monument

    It is a shame to me, how you can take something so very positive and create something negative.
  5. Rana1

    On A Much Lighter Note....

    Margaret of Wessex - Saint Margaret of Scotland (1046 - 1093) was my 26th Great Grandmother. Did not realize this until a few years ago. Only female stained glass window in the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle.
  6. Rana1

    Sports Spectrum: Cardinals infielder, All-Star Matt Carpenter surrenders to God during 'offseasons'

    Take a moment to read and watch. Just how grateful can we be?
  7. Rana1

    Sitting around waiting for the NFL games

    Being only one year younger does not make me a "whippersnapper", does it? I'm a lot more used to the "old fart" tag.
  8. Rana1

    FWST: How an assistant basketball coach turned TCU’s golf program into a powerhouse

    o A "serious investment from the athletic department" for the golf programs is not likely any time soon. We have Title IX concerns that will require funding in the short term. We need to figure out how to be creative in raising funds that are specific to the golf programs.
  9. Rana1

    OT story of Fort Worth lore for we older Frogs

    Difference between County and Country?
  10. Rana1

    FWST: TCU’s Gary Patterson keeps showing up on coaching wish lists. Here’s what he said about it

    Compared to ALL Power 5 schools and Notre Dame, TCU ranks 64th of 65 schools in enrollment with Wake Forest in the 65th spot. That number equates to not only less alumni overall, but less growth each and every year. We are recruiters, for fandom, not just with our family and friends, but from...
  11. Rana1

    Chris Thomsen

    The O line and Defense should only get better with each game. GO FROGS!
  12. Rana1

    What Christians Want to Know: Matt Carpenter’s Tattoo Took on Deeper Meaning

    Maybe a few years down the road and an assistant's position somewhere and then.... Just sayin'.
  13. Rana1

    FWST: There’s a new batch of horned frogs in town — and not at TCU

    So, here is mine. Real pic, no photo shop.
  14. Rana1

    Yahoo! Sports: Iowa Western C.C. OT Anthony McKinney commits to Horned Frogs

    I think that Coach Thomsen might be having some impact!
  15. Rana1

    Today is....

    I miss FIONA!!!
  16. Rana1

    Darius Anderson article

    I remember Ed Oliver considering TCU as well.