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    Where Are You Staying in LA?

    i bought a parking pass off ticketmaster for the Forum. Do they not always open up this lot? I hope i didn't get scammed.
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    Is this a TCU decision ?

    I can’t count how many times I’ve walked into a Rally House looking to buy TCU merch and always come out disappointed. They only carry the off brand generic TCU apparel. If you need tcu golf tees or car emblem then Rally House is your place.
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    Fiesta Bowl Tickets

    I talked to the ticket office about not receiving an email notifying me either way. They say that my email address got "unsubscribed" from my account which is odd because i received the email confirming i placed an order. So, for any of you that didn't receive an email notification it's worth...
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    Fiesta Bowl Tickets

    what's your rank?
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    Fiesta Bowl Tickets

    still nothing
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    Fiesta Bowl Tickets

    Rank is 300 and no email yet
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    You’re a scheissing [ muschi ] beta.
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    Name Brand Bias

    Oh look here comes Wex with a contrarian view. Imagine that. You are the voice of reason this board so desperately needs. Thank you for keeping everyone in check and abreast of of the Big 10. Such a tired scheissing bit
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    Great crowd, great atmosphere, great energy at the game ……..

    This thread is a perfect example of why this board sucks now.
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    Stadium Operations

    Yesterday for sure
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    Stadium Operations

    Just like SMUs gameday operations….Your attempt to push this false narrative is not working.
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    Stadium Operations

    No it wasn’t. Stop
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    Stadium Operations

    Mickey Mouse operation all the way around. Concesssion lines were an hour long. I’m not kidding. Waters were hot Play clocks didn’t work the entire game Down and distance were wrong more often than right Long lines to get in stadium The Boulevard scene is good, I’ll give them that. Cancel...
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    What’s all this 99 chatter on Twitter and 247 about?
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    GoFrogs: TCU Athletics Announces Changes to Gameday

    Please get rid of Deep in the Heart of Texas jazzy style. This is all that I ask
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    Regional Game 1 Thread: TCU vs Cajuns

    Single or double A?
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    Regional Game 1 Thread: TCU vs Cajuns

    [ What the heck? ] is going on here. Are we seeing why coach mo is a career assistant coach?
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    Regional Game 1 Thread: TCU vs Cajuns

    Should have been yanked after the hit batter. Brutal