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  1. James Penny

    USA Today: Michigan basketball PG Dug McDaniel sets TCU transfer visit

    This is good. Watched him play quite a bit here in AZ. Although the team wasn't great, he was ASUs best player. Would love to have him, and/or the Michigan kid.
  2. James Penny

    OT - Movies thread

    I just got Hulu (thank you tmobile). What are the must see Series/Movies on there currently?
  3. James Penny

    OT: As TCU grows, nearby neighborhoods are making moves to block student housing (FWST)

    Liked for "diddle your girlfriend". I really enjoyed diddling my girlfriend at tcu.
  4. James Penny

    MLB 2023 Thread

    I feel like an outsider visiting the board as a visiting fan to a tcu football game. Nope... Just a TCU grad and current AZ resident loving that we're in another series against a team that spends way more money than we do. Go Dbacks!
  5. James Penny

    2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities

    $1.2 to $1.6 million per year. No wonder you are OK with TCUs high cost. Lol.
  6. James Penny

    2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities

    Sounds like your kids are more awesome than my kids. And I've got 3 smart, hard working, talented kids (thanks to my wife of course). OK.. Maybe 2 out of 3. Or.. You've got way way more money than I do to pay for it. Either way.. Kudos. We need more good people hiring and leading other good...
  7. James Penny

    2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities

    I went to TCU, where I met my amazing wife. My parents also met at tcu. We are beyond blessed with our family and careers, and certainly appreciate the role tcu played in that. With 3 kids nearing college age, I always hoped at least one of them would end up a frog. But then the cost...
  8. James Penny

    OT: Why Did You Choose Your KF.c Handle?

    The most talented and best looking TCU basketball player ever.
  9. James Penny

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Wow! That's alot of BIG names and face time to kick out.
  10. James Penny

    Aggies break ground

    Did they really put a cow riding in the back of a pickup truck in that rendering?
  11. James Penny

    Friday weather for Game 1 - HIGH 96°, Saturday weather HIGH 94°

    Seems like a weird place to compare the weather to. But... My boys and I were at Big Bend and Terlingua, TX a few days ago. Beautiful down there.
  12. James Penny

    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    https://qz.com/exactly-who-is-the-investor-behind-virgin-orbits-failed-1850288151 Anybody know this dude...
  13. James Penny

    FWST: The story behind Eddie Lampkin’s puzzling criticism of coach Jamie Dixon

    You know what I'm shocked about?!? That like 6 of you have subscriptions to the Star Telegram. Do you really each pay for that garbage, or is there a super secret way to read these articles without subscribing?
  14. James Penny

    The [ Finebaum ] Known as SoFi Stadium

    Man... To each their own. We loved the stadium and had a great experience. I personally dislike domes. Thought SoFi was a great compromise of an outdoor stadium that is (mostly) covered. I guess it all depends on your timing and location? We got wet, but not too much. Floors were certainly...
  15. James Penny

    LA Travel and Tickets Thread

    Oh man.. This is great. You did what you had to do. You better buy one of those custom commemorative tickets with frame. Will be a great story for mini-Maniac in a few years. Maybe even an epic story if things go well. https://souvenirs.teamcpi.com/CFP/en-US/category/88/
  16. James Penny

    LA Travel and Tickets Thread

    Sorry if already posted... but can someone help me understand how TCU allocated tickets will be distributed? The initial email confirming championship tickets said that a "CFBPlayoff" app will need to be downloaded to get your tickets. The only app I can find sounds like a terrible...
  17. James Penny

    Meanwhile Back in the Cactus Desert

    Their board has down votes for posts... That would be fun around here. Then find a way to include a sort of relegation for the worst posters... Top down voted posters each month get the ban hammer for a while. Or their names are included in a Worst Posters of the Month club.