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    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    There are purple lights around FW, especially on Vickery Blvd. Defect or not, I for one like them a lot!!
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    I dont think you really want to go that route moderators

    One thing is true with the OP rant. I and many others spend less time here as there is less information posted here than in past years.
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    I dont think you really want to go that route moderators

    This guy isn't rodney
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    Tickets for Big 12 Championship game?

    6 in 113 with ranking in low 200's
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    Dan Patrick reports SDSU to Pac 12

    the school and the stadium are like 4 miles apart--no big deal
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    TCU-Tech crowd: What are we expecting?

    With rain predicted the turnout by TCU fans is what I am most worried about. The forecast has improved since this morning.
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    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    No one was hurt? Looks like one person in blue was down on the ground 1:00 mark and another in front of him in yellow took out a tree around the 1:08 mark
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    OSU Fan = Classless Trash

    They did it enough that the TCU announcer had to remind them on 2 different occasions that there was a TCU injured player.
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    Gameday parking question

    Not so much to the game, but after it will be expensive
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    OT - Movies thread

    Movies that are released on digital at the same time as the theater are not expected to do well.
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    Stadium Operations

    I have been on the westside since forever and there is never long lines at least on the lower level seats. I know most of your posts are schtick, but come on man, don't talk like that when it is not true.
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    Consumption of Crow

    I have in the history of attending games at ACS dating back to 1990 ever stood in a concession line for 30 minutes to get anything. On Saturday at smu, the concessions by 119/219, there was one lady who was authorized to work the registers in the whole area. It took over 40 minutes to get 4...
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    Ticket prices for SMU game

    This game will not be a sale out
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    Frog Club Luncheon on the 29th

    I didn’t and I was bummed to have missed it. One thing I didn’t notice till I signed up for the year pass was that Coach Dykes is only speaking twice. The rest of lunches are with the new triathlon coach, soccer coach and others. Boo on TCU for making it a coaching show of all sports instead...