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    Carp homers for Yankees

    So the Rangers couldn’t find a place for him but the Yankees could????? JD is such a good evaluator of talent.
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    Tcu baseball hitting coach……….

    Would have pinch hit Porter there. He’s a catalyst for this team.
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    GoFrogs: Brown’s Record Day Propels TCU Baseball To Victory

    Has Brown been hurt? He seems like such a catalyst when he’s in the lineup.
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    Aggy cancels game to possibly host

    Saw that aggy cancelled a midweek game next week to protect their record in hopes to host a regional….. and they admitted as much publicly!!!!!!!!
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    Maybe you’re thinking a super regional? We will host a regional unless we get swepped by Kansas and even then it’s possible depending on other big 12 teams.
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    We will host a regional, will probably win the Big 12, I don’t think OSU will sweep Tech, we HAVE to sweep Kansas. But yes the bats need to come alive and the starters have to focus from the first pitch.
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    FWST: Fan poll: Who should be TCU football’s starting quarterback next season?

    Duggan and it’s not as close as most think….. unless Morris grows three inches before the season starts.
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    GoFrogs: Friday Night Lights at The Carter

    Max still the starter, on legs alone, the wind was a factor tonight. Morris has a quicker release but his height hampers his shorter passes. #16 and #9 going to be fun to watch. Players were having fun!
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    GoFrogs: No. 15 TCU at No. 3 Oklahoma State Baseball Series Preview

    Win 2 of 3 and come back happy!! #chip
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    OT - Mavericks Parking

    Hmmmm I didn’t know it didn’t run on Sundays….that’s just dumb!
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    2022 March Madness Thread

    With the four remaining I’ll skip this weekend, Hope KU wins for the Big 12 but really don’t care.
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    OT - Mavericks Parking

    TRE is the only way to go! I haven’t parked over there since they got rid of the lot I used when I had season tickets.
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    TCU vs Arizona Game Thread

    Sad when everyone except the refs see the foul at the end of regulation! Even Avery was calling them out and then they call them out in the after show……Go Frogs!!
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    TCU vs Arizona Game Thread

    Pretty.even called game until the last two minutes……….very interesting…..