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    Chace Biddle is a Frog!

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    CCG weekend thread

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    CCG weekend thread

    In a few years he'll look like Verne Lundquist.
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    Welcome Coach Sonny Dykes Thread

    Saarloos and Sonny?
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    CCG weekend thread

    She can use the words "inclusivity" and "diversity" in the same sentence.
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    CCG weekend thread

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    CCG weekend thread

    They party hard at the University of Puget Sound.
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    Post-MWC, who has had it better?

    If he went to Tennessee, he'd have to affect a southern accent.
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    RA'SHAAD SAMPLES - crootin'

    I've posted this before, but it is still astounding to me. This is a timeline of Fran's last week of employment with TCU, as told by Star Telegram sportwriters. Take special notice of the time stamps. November 26, 2000, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Coach Fran must decide: renew vows or jilt TCU...
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    Lincoln Riley to USC

    Trojan and Ribbed, perhaps.
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    Awfully quiet on the DC front.

    @geezer maybe?
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    As an extension of its predecessor, Ft Worth Osteopathic, which had residency as well as intern programs when I started there in 1983, their programs have been in place for a long time.
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    FWST: TCU football is not wrong for hiring Art Briles’ former strength coach at Baylor

    and Chuck Cooperstein. He treated us very fairly.