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    RA'SHAAD SAMPLES - crootin'

    That’s exactly one of the things I think we’ve really missed on in years past. You may run the risk of hangers on running with our players, but you also may enjoy the reward of increasing your fan base with the local area fans. I think the risk/reward payoff is definitely worth it. We need to...
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    We Definitely have the worst fans in College Football

    It’s not mutually exclusive that you can understand that a change needed to be made and yet you are sad about it. The way some of you disrespect GP as some old worn out has been is stunning.
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cyclones (Bowl Eligibility Edition)

    Just catching up with the thread. Kick the scheissing FG.
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    Moose, I respect you a lot but that’s a statement that’s unprovable. I understand trends, but we’ll never know if GP couldn’t have reversed things like he did in 2014. I’m not saying he would have, but we’ll never know.
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    MBB: TCU vs Pepperdine

    Maniac is a good Frog fan. We need more, not less of them.
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    It was the floor, not the ceiling!
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    Frogs v Southern Miss. Golden Eagles

    The thing I’ve noticed in the two games so far is that the Frogs push it up the court as quick as they can to create pressure on the defense to get back. I don’t think I’ve seen them once stand around and dribble at the top of key rather than toss up a prayer att the last second. The O is really...
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    Damn that sucked!
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    YouTube: TCU Fans During Baylor

    Awesome job Clint!
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    Hey Moose where’s the basketball thread?

    Where oh where is Skip?
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    my fave gary wins: down memory lane

    Great list and I agree with all of them.
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    Miller's Injury

    Evans might have higher availability knowing he has a QB that can cause a defense to spread out due to an effective passing game.