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    Luke Fickell & Gary Patterson

    Payback for 2014, finally I can sleep.
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    If KU goes to the B1G then ISU makes sense as a 16th B1G member. At that point the Pac starts looking better than the Big 12. Pac would be wise to add OSU TCU TT and BU( I know 'Pac would never add BU' but it is a new age when considering the state of cfb and how successful BU athletics has been...
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    That is just the thing though, TCU doesn't have a 4th OOC game and 2nd fcs game to move to November.
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    Awfully quiet on the DC front.

    I like the Tulsa DC. Was hoping to like the San Diego State D Coordinator and he might be great I know nothing about him. But when I saw him my first thought was that he is probably not a good match for TCU.
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    Missing Persons Report - DC

    Mike Tressel? Todd Orlando? Chad Staggs?
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    One thing about next year's schedule bothers me

    Would just be good business, same thing OUT claims their move to the SEC is.
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    Kramer out as TCU Volleyball Coach

    Best for all but she and her intangibles will be missed.
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    Larry Brown Sports: 'Stay at TCU, Sonny'

    Is this the administration and unrest you are referring to? Yea I'm glad that is over. That [ #2020 ] was crazy, nobody knew what the hell was going on because of all the lies and misinformation.
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    Z Evans in the portal….

    Wish we had stuck with Dominic Richardson. Been wanting to see Foster get more carries anyway, he and Miller can be just as lethal of a 1 2 punch as anyone.
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    Riley to USC - ESPN

    Thanks for posting, not wading through the muck that the coaching thread has become. And oh yea, scheiss OU
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    Please hire Sonny Dykes

    What are these distractions you speak of? Please be specific.
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    Coach Dykes Officially Named ESPN

    A college football stadium is not an office.
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    SMU losing commits we want

    Jordan Hudson? ohh me likey
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    SMU losing commits we want

    Welcome Biddle back with open arms, glad to have him back.
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    FWST: TCU RB Zach Evans is done for the season, interim football coach Jerry Kill says

    Anyone that followed LT's career should know the severity of turf toe.