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    ESPN: Utah repeats as Pac-12 champs, knocks USC out of playoff

    We're in. Win or lose today. We're in.
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    Forfeit the Big XII Championship??

    Or ANY disease from tech.
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    Athlon Sports: Gary Patterson Named Potential Candidate For New College Football Job Opening

    Good spot for GP. He could build that program and get them into a better conference.
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    Gameday Thread: #4 TCU vs Iowa State; Sponsored by Hell's Half Acre Stadium Goods

    Once you get past the smell you got it licked.
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    Frogs Today with Tre

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    Reports: Matt Rhule to Nebraska

    I just hope he doesn't come back to the Big12.
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    Barstool Tennessee Fan pens epic whine about TCU…

    I got a really cute cousin.
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    Gonzaga to the Big-12 Update!

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    Baylor: The Biggest Game on TCU's Schedule

    I like that kid, and not just because he's Ladanian's son.
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    Over at Texags

    Next year they will have a meat judging major (for athletes).
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    Suck it Texas

    South American dictator.
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    All right. I'm saying it: SMFD!

    SMFD. Say it out loud and it sounds like a porn movie.
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    Suck it Texas

    GP should have taken the cushy ambassador job at TCU until he received a suitable HC or coordinator offer. Instead he immediately jumped to a big rival for basically no money. Lame.
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    Gameday Thread: #4 TCU at #18 Texas; Sponsored by Hell's Half Acre Stadium Goods

    I had my usual weed overdose. Watched the game by peeking around from behind the couch with the shotgun in my mouth. Just about the time I got to feeling good Max runs the option to the safety for their only touchdown. More medication. We finally close them out and I live to cower another day.