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    sonny dykes interview discussing coming to tcu

    Our DC is from Stephenville. Cool.
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    247 Sports: TCU lands big time commitment from Lafayette Kaiuway

    I don't follow recruiting much. This is for next year, right? Can we still recruit players for this year? Outside of the trans portal?
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    GP's latest song

    Never did care much for his music. Will that be released on the longhorn network?
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    D1 Baseball: TCU makes biggest jump in latest poll

    I don't care. We won the Big12. Alone, not shared. We should be ranked ahead of tech and osu.
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    A&M and Alabama

    Oh. Okay. So if you takes da NIL money you are no longer eligible for HS? Makes sense. Consider me enlightened.
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    R.I.P. Dwayne Haskins

    He drunk. And high. With girlfriend. Hailing cars on the highway. Dumass. Almost as dumb as Kobe. I'll show myself out.
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    A&M and Alabama

    Okay, I acknowledge that I don't know much about NIL, but the DMN said this morning that "High school football players in Texas cannot currently profit off their NIL and retain eligibility, unlike in other states." Has anyone told Jimbo Fisher? Or does membership in the SEC trump state law now...
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    A&M and Alabama

    Saban's on the right, Sanky behind.
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    Kirk Saarloss-Congratulations! Big 12 Conference Champions.

    Read somewhere that we have won or shared half the baseball titles since we joined the league. We bad.
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    Big XII Baseball Tournament Tickets, Schedule

    They did us a solid.
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    A&M and Alabama

    Scheudenfreud. Never interrupt your opponent while he is making a mistake. Pot calling the kettle black. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. So much material from our old friends. Aggy jokes are real.
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    TSN: Former All-Star Matt Carpenter released from Rangers' Triple-A team

    Yes the Rangers have such a murderer's row of a lineup.