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    Pitching for the regionals

    Coach needs to put Cornelio in the bullpen and start someone else in his place. We can't afford to get down 3 to 5 runs in the first couple of innings and expect to win. He is in a terrible slump at the wrong time of the season.
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    We were supposed to have one of the best pitching staffs in the nation but in reality we have one of the worst. We'd be better off just staying home this post season. We are not good enough to play in the field of 64.
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    No consistency to our pitching staff. UGH!
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    When is Sarloos gonna realize Corny isn't getting the job done. He waits until he gives up four or five runs and then he pulls him. Leaves a big mess for the next pitcher to try and clean up. FRUSTRATING!!!!
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    Frogs in a big time slump. Can't hit, can't pitch, and can't get nobody out. We should all hope this it's just a slump or we're very mediocre and overrated.
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    USA Today: Fans called out Arizona's poor sportsmanship following the overtime win against TCU

    NO PROBLEM! THEY WILL GET DRILLED BY HOUSTON! Houston is the dark horse. They are a lot better than what people think.
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    FWST: Max Duggan opens up on returning to TCU football, competing for quarterback job

    I wish every player on our team had Max's attitude. He bleeds purple and has the talent. Tuff as nails.
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    scheiss these refs - they cost us this game

    Everybody knows , even the tv commentators said that Myles was fouled. He would have went to the line with 2 seconds left and probably made his free throws. Game over! Refs sucked hard the whole game.
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    scheiss these refs - they cost us this game

    E X A C T L Y!!!!!
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    FWST: Former TCU employee alleges racial discrimination leading up to termination in lawsuit

    I'm Hispanic and I don't believe her. Any institution would be crazy to do this to anyone knowing the lawsuit climate we live in today. Let's see what the school has to say.
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    TSHF: Mike Renfro going into Texas Sports Hall of Fame

    We could have had an all Texas super bowl if the coaches were able to challenge calls back then. Renfro caught the game winning touchdown in the back of the endzone against the Steelers but the ref ruled him out. He was clearly in.
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    Fan Nation: Ole Miss Lands TCU Edge Transfer Khari Coleman

    Who gives a big one! NEXT!!!!!!