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    GoFrogs: TCU Baseball at Phillips 66 Big 12 Championships Preview

    If we play more than 2 more games this year, I’ll be happy but extremely surprised.
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    The USFL is back…

    My son is playing in a Perfect Game baseball tournament in Hoover Alabama in a couple weeks. With all the USFL games being played in Birmingham, I going to try to see Turpin play. Driving up from Fort Lauderdale.
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    2023 Recruiting Thread

    With Kaiuway, the Frogs now vault into the top 20 in the nation for team composite recruiting rankings, moving from No. 29 to No. 17 overall. They also rank No. 4 in the Big 12 behind Texas Tech, Baylor and West Virginia.
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    Baseball Coaching Change

    Baugh was the glue
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    GoFrogs: Arrieta, Dalton head 2022 Hall of Fame Class

    Awesome Group! Still absolutely hate Block T Association. It’s still the Lettermen’s Association to me.
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    BIG EAST - BIG 12 Battle

    Why? My PC father sent and paid for 2 of his kids to go to TCU. May be a bigger Horned Frog fan than Friar.
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    BIG EAST - BIG 12 Battle

    That would be awesome. Hopefully I can make it out there as I live in Fort Lauderdale. Yes, I knew he was JR’s dad. Sucks he recently passed away (can’t believe it was 15 years ago). Some great players at PC when my father was there. He was lucky to play with and against so many talented...
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    BIG EAST - BIG 12 Battle

    Found out about 10 years ago all of the Providence games were on TV. A friend sent me a bunch of these clips and I got to see him play for PC for the first time. Pretty Cool!
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    BIG EAST - BIG 12 Battle

    Dad played hoops for Providence back when the tournament had 24 teams. My sister and I ended up Horned Frogs.
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    GoFrogs: No. 20 TCU Baseball at Kansas Preview

    The name of an awesome new song by The Black Keys. It’s actually called Wild Child