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    TCU-KSU Home Field Advantage

    Does that mean you think Georgia would not have a home field advantage in Atlanta?
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    OT - Movies thread

    Hoosierfrog- I enjoy your posts and this is not a big deal just an FYI. I live in Arizona and the PC is Indigenous People and/or Native American. Hats and T-shirts are sold, that say; "You are on Native land", not necessarily by those people.
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    Reports: Matt Rhule to Nebraska

    My phone just beeped only contract details remain
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    Week 12: Other Games Thread

    Pre-Med students.
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    Laredo Morning Times: Time to respect TCU as a legit contender

    Texas will probably not be overrated in the future when they have losing seasons every year in the SEC.
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    WSJ: The Formula That Has TCU Hunting a Spot in the College Football Playoff

    Definitely on the right side of the running back.
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    Tuition up 6%

    HFrog, I get it and I live it. My son bleeds purple. Wanted to be a Frog, as well. In the business school at Arizona State. I told him if he can pull of his end of the deal, I'll pay. Going to try for the Neely School of Business MBA program.
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    Dan Patrick reports SDSU to Pac 12

    And you can get there by taking the Trolley.
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    Final record prediction

    Jinx material. Did you send this to Kayley Hartung?
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    A selfish request from all of you

    When your kid is older, they will have played many games with many teams and many friends. They will hardly remember any of it. But you will remember missing this Tech game. Been there, done that.
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    I feel good!

    Who did you get to sit in for the REAL Mrs. Brewingfrog? Hahahaha.
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    I feel good!

    Almost. She said, " Don't sleep around on Virginia".