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    FWST: TCU loss is on a coach for taking the ball away from a QB who should win the Heisman

    Note to Coach Dykes and staff: 99.9% of the Horned Frog Nation are happy as a nine year old on Christmas morning to have you here and thank you for the truly amazing turn-around you've led this team to. Also, 100% of the Horned Frog Nation are disgusted with Mac Engle and would very much...
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    Week 14: Conference Championship Games Thread

    Yes. It's that ole week in week out grind they used to say TCU couldn't handle.
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    Week 14: Conference Championship Games Thread

    At last.....somebody posted something all frog fans will agree with.
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    Week 14: Conference Championship Games Thread

    I would REALLY like to have a final four that Does Not include bama or THE Ohio State.
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    The Washington Post: In a 12-team playoff, will anyone care who wins a conference title?

    I, for one, will always care about the B12 conference championship. I believe most others will also. And I believe this writer was having a hard time coming up with a theme for his required column and threw this out there in desperation.
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    2023 Recruiting Thread

    Max is, without question, intelligent and articulate as well as wise beyond his years. Shouldn't be a total shock to learn he has career goals that do not include pro football.
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    GameDay at DeathStar

    Well done Jet !
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    Last Touchdown

    Yeah. I'm not either.
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    Max still not sure about next season

    I like the sound of that.....I hadn't heard that, thanks for sharing.
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    Credit to Kaz Kazadi

    I hope we can keep Kaz. He deserves much of the credit for our second half comebacks.
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    Last Touchdown

    LHCGFP hated to run up the score, as do I. However, in years past our opponents KNEW we were going to keep it between the tackles (while trying to be good sportsmen and intending to hold the score down) and dang near tore some of our running backs heads off. Putting it in the air on...
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    Lance Leipold extension

    Right there with you. I don't want Texas to have another shot at us.....I'll be a Baylor fan for a few hours tomorrow.
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    Lance Leipold extension

    Right there with you !
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    Name Brand Bias

    Good point. Same analysis could be applied to Ohio State and Michigan.
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    Very Interesting take on QBs hitting the portal after the season ends

    A. I think so too. Probably not looking to replace Chandler so much as for insurance. B. C. and D. Agree on all counts.