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    Zach Evans…

    Its like when our new catholic pastor suggested 5% of your gross income should go to the church....I politely excused myself and went to a bar.
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    Zach Evans…

    I really don't blame the kids at all, for many this is there best shot and securing a future financially, its the system that is corrupt.
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    Zach Evans…

    I think my frustration/anger is more with the current system than it is with ZE who happens to be smack dab in the middle of this current scheissed up system.
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    Signing day thread

    My presence of God moment was when we beat Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl.....I knew then there was a higher presence. Oh and also when I got a D in managerial accounting and shuffled on with my business degree.
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    New TCU NIL initiative

    On other threads we discussed that there are multiple groups forming around the NIL initiative but is there any talk about merging these efforts so it is a more coordinated effort? Anyone have some insight here? I know there is the Flying T but I am sure there are others.
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    scheiss the recruiting...more of the bottom frames!
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    OKlite loses Knowles to Ohio State

    That its not in Oklahoma....guessing that will be the response.
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    Since we have a lot of change underway, how about some new

    Looks straight out of one of those cheesy Godzilla movies..... I like it.
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    Noah Daniels returning

    Timing coincided with announcement of the new DC...hmmmmmm
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    Ewers visiting TCU tomorrow…

    It does make you wonder.
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    2021 Ladies soccer thread….

    Totally agree and the momentum looks to be strong for next year. TCU has established itself as an elite program and I see no reason they can't win it all. Great season ladies!
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    Flying T Club - NIL

    Completely agree, wish there was some sort of cap in place, not opposed to the NIL idea but with no cap the smaller schools are at a serious disadvantage.
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    Noah Daniels decision info…..

    Yep...off on the GPA but absolutely love that plate.
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    Noah Daniels decision info…..

    Last time I was in Dallas (summer 2021) saw a dude driving a Ferrari with a license plate that said "GPA 2.25"...so a C will get it done!