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    OT: Chernobyl documentary

    Highest reading I saw while we were there. The devices would let us know if we got near anything too crazy. One of our guys started eating an apple while walking around and the tour guide got on him. Apparently they don't want you ingesting anything out in the open air while you're in the...
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    OT: Chernobyl documentary

    Yes, it's the ferris wheel in the town of Pripyat, fairly popular tourist picture-taking spot. They had built an entire amusement park in the town for the kids. Pripyat is where everyone lived that worked at Reactor 4. Seeing the reactor is interesting but doesn't make for great pictures with...
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    OT: Chernobyl documentary

    Not so humble brag with a picture of myself back in September visiting Pripyat/Chernobyl. Most fascinating place I've ever been to. I pray when this war is over it is still assessable to outsiders. Need to check out this science channel doc, and agree that the HBO series was incredible.
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    TCU vs Arizona Game Thread

    That doesn't look to have been a well timed idea.
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    TCU vs Arizona Game Thread

    Was that TCU fans chanting “overrated” while the game is going?
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    Fan Nation: Chris Del Conte Reveals Why Longhorns Added Gary Patterson To Staff

    I just want "The Lettermen's Association" to exist again.
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    TCU at Tech ** Game thread**

    Dude looks like he has money on Tech. Not covering guys with open 3’s, throwing it out of bounds in the directions of nobody. Ok, I got my basketball post out of the way for the year. Go Frogs!
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    FWST: Hiring Gary Patterson a win for ex-TCU coach and a loss for Texas assistant | Opinion

    I'm sure Schloss will give a shout out to all his TCU Peeps if he wins the CWS :rolleyes:
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    Latest CFP Expansion talks Stall!

    Just give the inbreds their own national championship, and let everyone else have theirs. They’ve shown they’re far more willing to play by their own rules.
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    Zach Evans…

    time to moveon.org
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    Columbia Daily Tribune: Mizzou quarterback-turned-defensive back Shawn Robinson enters transfer portal

    Can someone list all the schools he has attended going back to High School? It's a pretty impressive list.
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    General Bowl Games Conversation

    Yes I am. Tech is abusing Leach.
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    General Bowl Games Conversation

    I’m blown away that we beat Tech and Baylor this year. How?