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  1. Phil Philbersen
  2. Hoosierfrog
    Hoosierfrog Ryann Zeller
    Ryann, you need to delete this Mikey j idiot on the game thread tonite. Some pretty offensive and racist stuff (as if those are mutually exclusive).
  3. Hoosierfrog
    Hoosierfrog TxFrog1999
    Can you get this Mikey guy banned. He’s getting pretty offensive and racist with his posts on the game thread tonite.

    1. TxFrog1999
      It’s been done
      Feb 9, 2021
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  4. 1oldfrogdb
    Just screaming through the duct tape!
  5. ShreveFrog
    ShreveFrog PurplePassion
    Hi. If you still need 2 tix vs. La Tech I have a couple extra. East side upper near the 50, row Q. Face is $60 each. My cell is 318-655-5128. Go Frogs!
    1. PurplePassion
      What section? Can they be paid for and transferred online? Thx!! :)
      Dec 11, 2020
  6. Jefffrog1993
    Jefffrog1993 FrogPreacher
    Sorry FrogPreacher.
  7. kaiser soze
    kaiser soze Sweat Equity
    Did you ever post your firms investment outlook? I did not see it elsewhere .

    Given all the market flux, especially with oil & treasuries this weekend, I'd appreciate reviewing if you're still amenable to sharing.
  8. Dutch
    Dutch ShadowFrog
    817 926 5616
  9. Dutch
    Dutch ShadowFrog
    Would you like 2 or 4 free ones for OU basketball today ?
    1. ShadowFrog
      Thanks for the offer but I am totally booked up today. Mark
      Mar 7, 2020
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  10. Billy Clyde
    Billy Clyde Ryann Zeller
    Hi Ryann- Wonder if you could clarify something for me: I received a notice that a post of mine was deleted from the Ohio State players thread with the notation of "don't circumvent profanity filters." I have no idea what it was or how it was a violation. Thanks for your help!
    1. Ryann Zeller
      Ryann Zeller
      Hi Billy. It may have been an accident or a misspelled bad word made it through the filter. We have fun with the filters but some people just love to beat the system which defeats the whole purpose. I appreciate your concern... I’m not worried about it, if you’re not. I’m sorry it was deleted (if by accident). Here’s my cell 817-821-0235 if you ever need to text me directly. Thx & Go Frogs!
      Mar 16, 2020
  11. LawFrog504
    LawFrog504 GetToTheQB
    Need those rodeo tickets ASAP
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  12. ShreveFrog
    ShreveFrog Long Time Lurker
    (2 of 2) It's been amazing and I'm starting my tenth year doing these stories. If you could tell me more about Mr. Moss and how to contact him, I'd sure appreciate it. (My quick people search was a dead end.) Thanks.
  13. ShreveFrog
    ShreveFrog Long Time Lurker
    Hello. Thanks for responding to my post about the Bronze Star Frog. The vehicle description you gave sure makes it sound like it's the Zack Moss you know. Can you tell me more about him and his military service? Does he live in the Texarkana area? The reason I ask: I do a weekly television news featured called "Hometown Patriot" in the Shreveport-Texarkana area. I profile veterans, usually about their combat story.
  14. FeistyFrog
  15. LawFrog504
    LawFrog504 GetToTheQB
    Any update on the rodeo tickets?
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    1. GetToTheQB
      Yeah. Malcolm Kelly is holding on to them for us.
      Nov 29, 2019
  16. Icaughtthevisor
    Caught Gary Patterson's visor at the first Big 12 championship game.
  17. dawg
    Bleeding purple; hopefully not bleeding out.
  18. WaitTillNextYear
    Do you believe in miracles?
  19. Alex C
    Alex C
    N100 119 X 7-10 for sale vs APB
  20. Boris Blondeinberg
    Boris Blondeinberg
    I am from Deggendorf Germany, current stay in Terra Haute Indiana. Have watched college football last 4 years. Excited to watch Alex Honig