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  1. ShreveFrog
    ShreveFrog Tumbleweed
    Hey Tumbleweed. I read your post on the Timmy B. thread. I live in the Shreveport area (duh) and am friends with Tim and his family. Tim and I have played some golf, etc. We had children in the same class. Just curious how you know the Brandos. I hope you've heard his Harry Caray. LOL! Go Frogs!
    1. Tumbleweed
      Isn't he and uptown guy! Just a common ordinary man with good common sense. Years ago I worked in the tv business and became acquainted with him then. HE really is a good man and I envy you living so close to that guy!!
      Nov 14, 2019
  2. tcumaniac
    scheiss Baylor
  3. Icaughtthevisor
    Caught Gary Patterson's visor at the first Big 12 championship game.
  4. dawg
    Bleeding purple; hopefully not bleeding out.
  5. WaitTillNextYear
    Do you believe in miracles?
  6. Alex C
    Alex C
    N100 119 X 7-10 for sale vs APB
  7. Boris Blondeinberg
    Boris Blondeinberg
    I am from Deggendorf Germany, current stay in Terra Haute Indiana. Have watched college football last 4 years. Excited to watch Alex Honig
  8. Huttofrog
  9. rtpfrog
    rtpfrog wes
    Wes, I saw the post last week in regards to Proton Treatment. I underwent a 8 week Proton treatment 10 years ago. If your situation is treatable with Proton treatment I would highly encourage investigating. If you have any questions please email me and happy to discuss.
  10. LawFrog504
    LawFrog504 GetToTheQB
    Any chance you can hook me up with some rodeo tix? Trying to get a front row view for when the grand champion steer gets his balls twisted
  11. LawFrog504
    LawFrog504 GetToTheQB
    I love Fort Worth! We are the best!
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  12. Hoosierfrog
    Hoosierfrog wes
    Sign me up for the newsletter please.

  13. John R Fleck
    John R Fleck wes
    I'd like to subscribe to your special daily posts but I don't know how to get your email address to send a note. Weird eh??
  14. LVH
    Travel Baseball Hater
  15. HoustonHornedFrog
  16. Leap Frog
    Leap Frog Frog DJ
    Article about Davey has been retracted-- just as well since it was about his financial condition.
    Anyway, friends and ex-teammates came up big when his money and insurance ran out.
    His legend lives on, as it should, because he was a great little guy who battled the "C' for 7 years.
    Hope this helps, I am going to leave it there. Leap Frog.
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    1. Frog DJ
      Frog DJ
      Thanks, Leap. Based on past posts you and I must be about the same age (I'm 70 years old and class of '70).

      I was an RTF major, and Larry Later was my primary prof in most classes. We might actually know each other.
      Dec 30, 2018
    2. Frog DJ
      Frog DJ
      I'll just go ahead and say it, but there's absolutely NO pressure for you to reveal your identity if you prefer not to.

      Randy Hames is my name, and I also graduated from Paschal in 66.

      I have been in radio/TV for 55 years.
      Dec 30, 2018
  17. Hornet Frog
    Hornet Frog
  18. WaitTillNextYear
    What does it take to recognize a turnover machine on the field? This is beyond absurd.
  19. BankerFrog
    BankerFrog YA
    If the tix are still open I'd love to have 'em! Go frogs!
    1. YA
      They are yours. Have tickets with me. Eating lunch at Rodeo Goat so you tell me how you want to get them to you.
      Sep 21, 2018
  20. TCU's Daddy Brutus
    TCU's Daddy Brutus
    Just the father of TCU, Brutus the Buckeye. Will exert dominance this weekend.