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  1. WaitTillNextYear
    What does it take to recognize a turnover machine on the field? This is beyond absurd.
  2. BankerFrog
    BankerFrog YA
    If the tix are still open I'd love to have 'em! Go frogs!
    1. YA
      They are yours. Have tickets with me. Eating lunch at Rodeo Goat so you tell me how you want to get them to you.
      Sep 21, 2018
  3. TCU's Daddy Brutus
    TCU's Daddy Brutus
    Just the father of TCU, Brutus the Buckeye. Will exert dominance this weekend.
  4. Borat Sagdiyev
    Borat Sagdiyev tcumamacita
    Tickets are still available. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
    1. tcumamacita
      If you still have them. What section are they in?
      Sep 6, 2018
  5. 2314
    2314 Westsider
    Thanks, Westsider. Much appreciated
  6. 2314
    2314 Leap Frog
    Leap, thank you for the comforting words. I slap myself for not introducing you to my Dad. Y'all could have told some stories about TCU. Interesting fact about my Dad: He said growing up in Washington state he got the old Humble Network radio broadcasts of SWC games way over west in Spokane, Washington. He always loved to tell stories about Kern Tips.
  7. 2314
    2314 ShreveFrog
    Gerry, thank you for your comforting words in the post David made with my Dad's obit.
    1. ShreveFrog
      I hope you and Judy are finding comfort in warm memories of your father. I would like to have met him. Hope to see you soon.
      Aug 29, 2018
  8. CoachMelissaGB
  9. Tumbleweed
    been around under different handles. Butted heads with Chris Fargas (Whitewolf) a time or two. Wes & KFC hv come a long way.
  10. Hoosierfrog
    Hoosierfrog BABYFACE
    Just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope things are improving.
  11. tcufrogprince1
    Finally found a new pic
  12. Atomic Frawg
    Atomic Frawg TxFrog1999
    I want to use this site as an example, and if they are interested you could potentially be the one to set up and run the sites. Are you interested?
    1. TxFrog1999
      Can you send me an email with an example of what you're referring to? Sean at killerfrogs
      May 16, 2018
  13. Atomic Frawg
    Atomic Frawg TxFrog1999
    I want to speak with you about a potential business opportunity. I'm a member of several listservs that send out a buttload of emails everyday. That can become very bothersome. I would rather have them turn to Sports Forum like sites that are way more manageable and do not flood mailboxes.
  14. Tom Brown
    Tom Brown
    Able was I ere I saw Elba
  15. Frog-O-Rama
    Frog-O-Rama SnoSki
    Thank you for passing along your Dad's formula for TNK when speaking, especially of someone. I have used it faithfully and I am appreciative that you shared this. I was extremely close to my father as you were. Keep those wonderful memories and I wish you the best.
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    1. SnoSki
      It is and was my sincere pleasure. Thanks for letting me know that his words have positively impacted you. That means a lot.
      Apr 10, 2018
  16. IdiotsAlert
    Call me an idiot
  17. PurpleBlood87
  18. TopFrog
  19. HToady
    HToady Spike
    I have a guy named John Dickens, with Omega Securities on Throckmorton in downtown FW. They represent American Funds. I made some good investments and put the money with Omega back in 1993, which has increased exponentially. So much so, that I was able to retire at 57 at which time I rolled the remainder of my 401k with him. I have also sent family members, co workers and friends, non of which have been disappointed.
    1. PurplFrawg
      John handles my stuff as well. I'm comfortably retired for the past three years, and I have more in the account now than when I retired. John is great.
      May 22, 2018
  20. Duslam00
    Selling 2 tickets to tcu vs tech tomorrow, msg me for details and Go Frogs.