Why don't the players police themselves?

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  1. Based on conversation I had with Leap. Teams and players used to that do to keep others out of trouble. Smoking and selling dope has been going on for decades. Drinking or other behaviors. Players know who is doing what, whether they are part of it or not. They could do a better job of dealing with issues internally. What do you think?
  2. I think they will now.
  3. Great point. That's a big part of what the coaches are referring to when they talk about leadership. I'm sure that void in leadership is the thing GP is most disappointed about.
  4. No leadership on this years team.
  5. Well there was a hell of a lot of leadership on the 2010 team and there was still plenty of the same going on.
  6. Who's to say some kids haven't organized a team meeting already, to begin a players norm of behavior for off season, while in school.... or something of that nature.

  7. ^ This. Brock played on the 2010 Rose Bowl team. I doubt he just discovered weed in the last 13 months.

    They're kids. Doesn't make it right or excusable, but it is what it is.
  8. What's disappointing is that Patterson and his coaching staff weren't linked in with any of the leaders on the team. Patterson had to find out from a recruit what was happening with his team. That's nearly as disappointing as players dealing and using drugs.
  9. Who were the leaders on this years team?
  10. Native = Norm Hitzges?
  11. No doubt that's how you would lead - go tell the coach. Real leadership takes care of the issue without having to take that step.
  12. Jake, maybe you need to clean out your Bong ....

    Cheers !
  13. Yay for iPhone
  14. Along these lines, I talked with a former player on Saturday who is trying to get the recent players to take a more active mentoring role, particularly those that are in the NFL now. He says there are some entitlement problems and the players now don't realize what all it took to reach this level during the past 10 years. They are spoiled with the new lockers that are coming, the new training facilities, the new stadium etc.

    Gary himself has said that's his only worry about all the new facilities, they'll lose that chip on their shoulder.

    He wants a key player for each of the positions, like Kerley for receivers, and is trying to get the NFL players that are here now, like Dalton and Washington behind it, and be better role models.

    A lot for former players are very upset at what's gone down.
  15. Wouldn't that cause massive NCAA violations?
  16. Maybe it's a case of the leaders moving forward without the "cancers" on the team. You can only do so much.
  17. No. They can be on the sidelines at games and mentor the players as much as they want.
  18. Upset at the negative light shed upon TCU? Yes. Upset to learn that there are / were a few bad apples on a team of roughly 120? Nothing new here. Just because these folks got caught doesn't mean it hasn't been going on for a long time.
  19. The players told that cop they used to get supply from former players :eek:hmy: alert the presses!
  20. That would be my guess... over getting it from future players. It's the process and it gets passed on down and down. So though this whole sting thing seems alot about a little. It sets a tone of how things are going to be run around this program... which also gives future recruits and their parents, who come here, that there is little tolerance and serious consequences for goofing off.

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