Why did TCU stick the visitor's section in the worst part of the stadium?

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  1. This is why UT fans are gonna have to buy your premium seats. I'm torn between sitting with my fanbase and not having seats in some little slice 4 miles up in the worst part of the stadium.
    In DKR the visitors section isn't bad at all. I've sat there before and it wasn't a walk to get to and you could see everything pretty well.
    Overall I expect your paid seats to be half burnt orange because of this mistake. Do you think TCU will change it in the future or continue to put visitors in such a bad location?  
  2. At least our qb isn't a rapist with leprosy
  3. 1. You are a frog troll,


    2. You are an idiot.
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  4. Boo Hoo.
  5. I spent most of the Texas game watching the jumbotron because the visitors seats were so bad. At AGCS most of the visitors sit in a big chunk of the NE end zone, which are great seats, with the rest in the upper NW. Even in the worst part of that section, at least you have a great view of the field! Couldn't see jack at DKR.
  6. or?
  7. OP: I have seats on the second level right on the 50.
    I'll sell em to you for $2500 a piece.
  8. I actually hate that we gave the visitors the set up we did. If the horseshoe was full of purple instead of the visiting sections, that endzone would be the loudest part of the stadium for us. Instead, we put the visitors on either side of it, forcing GP to have to use the south endzone for overtimes. If I had it my way, I'd stick your butts all the way up the southwest corner where you couldn't make a peep.
  9. It's near A&M level for visitors. You're supposed to respect the visitor's fans enough to not put them in the WORST part of the stadium. You give them okay seats. But that's it. 
  10. UT literally gives visitors the worst section of DKR. You're an idiot.
    I hate sitting in the horseshoe. I'd rather sit on this side. I've sat there before on the lower part of it and it wasn't bad at all. I don't know where you were at
    hahaha, yeah I'd rather grab those student tickets at 123. I don't know how they're selling those
    Worst sections are the ones in the air, I hate having to walk 4 miles to get to those. The ones on the sides aren't bad at all man
  13. UT visitor section is the worst in college football. UT puts visitors way up in the nose bleeds except for the opposing team band. UT fans have no room to complain.
  14. The other visitor's section is in the upper northeast corner of DKR. They are horrible seats. You'll find the seats in the upper northeast corner of ACS much more accomodating.
    Y'alls visiting section is half of your little diagram there--the smallest sliver on the very corner. You split the rest of the visiting fans up and put them in the nosebleeds. Agree to disagree I guess. I'd rather have a good view than get a sore neck from trying to see the field and ending up watching the video board to even know whats going on
  16. Maybe your qb shouldn't rape then and we would be nicer to your fans 
  17. I went to every away game this year and they all sucked as far as the visitor allotment. One thing I'll give TCU that I thought was terrible about most of the other stadiums (UT, OSU, KU, BU) is that the seats were beyond the endzone but didn't bend back around giving an angled view of the field. WVU's is the only other stadium besides TCU's that angles around to give a view of the field.

    To that end, as far as I know, the SEC is the only conference that really mandates respect between the schools. A certain allotment of visitors' seats must be around the 50 behind the visitor side bench. Maybe some other conferences do this, but I'm not aware of it.
    Yeah those are bad then, but I'd rather at least have the option to sit somewhere closer. On second thought your 229 section isn't that bad, I overreacted. But I'd rather have an equivalent section to ours like what would be 239 in yours if it existed.
  19. Is the op kidding? I loved the -15 yard line seats at DKR. Next time ill sit in the upper deck corner. There isn't a bad seat at our stadium your section are great seats. At least you aren't in the upper deck corners like kyle.
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  20. ^^^This^^^

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