Who was the whistle blowing recruit?

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  1. i wonder which one said that they didn't want to come to tcu because of the drugs...glad someone said something...kid was right to speak up
  2. this is unimportant, and i hope nobody adds fuel to the fire by speculating and potentially harming the kid
  3. Kudos to the kid! I don't see how it's harming...props to him
  4. I actually think its an awesome question. Good for the kid. And screw the a-hole drug dealing players and students who have brought shame to TCU.
  5. This. Besides, I thought the name was already public. Maybe I just read a rumor...so I won't post it.
  6. If it was a recruit that did blow the whistle... then it may suggest why we may have lost some recruits. He did the program a favor, in the long run, and now GP can start rebuilding the pyramid with those focused on being scholar athletes.... though I did wear out a few bongs in my day, 40 years ago...

    Cheers !
  7. I had some weird hunch it was Colin Blake. Simply because he was on a TCU high for a while, then completely drops TCU and verbally commits to FSU. Seemed like a great kid with his head on right, and didnt like the supposed "drug use" going on. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I think the recruit did us a favor.
  9. The investigation has been going on for six months. So the arrests would have taken place whether the recruit came forward or not.
  10. Something is amiss here - investigation going on for 6 mos. Top recruit backs out the last week of recruiting, GP calls for surprise drug test on the national signing date and about a week later this all blows-up? If so many alleged players tested positive on national signing date why didn't the coaches click to something that is, was, out of control? Certainly one player, in confidence, would or could have told GP who the dealers were and we could have possibly cut our losses. A big piece of the puzzle has not yet surfaced and maybe never will. This news is all over the Houston TV market, CNN and ESPN - cannot believe the Big 4 were so stupid - one thing to smoke some weed, another to be dealing.
  11. Not condoning drug use at all but again, if the recruit doesn't want to come here for that reason he's in for a shock wherever he landed. It's everywhere, only problem for us is he was probably exposed to drugs while he was here. Where as he might not have been exposed at the other school.
  12. FSU has no players using marijuana???? I highly doubt that but that's just a guess.

    Dealing, of course, is the greater issue.
  13. They said it was a verbal commitment IIRC that decided agains. Would leave Shock or Pope. Daje left because of his love of all things longhorn.
  14. If story is true, the recruit should be given an honorary scholarship for waking up a sleeping coach.
  15. yea, because GP had no earthly clue that his players may be smoking a little weed....

    give me a break
  16. I think it might have been a certain four star recruit who was committed for the longest time and then switched to am last second. Whoever it was I I think helped our program out in the long run.
  17. +1
  18. 6-4-3
  19. Its got to be Pope. He called TCU his dream school and suddenly starts looking around. Plus he has a good source with his brother Jason Teague.

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