1. Do you think PBO will call her a tax dodger?
  2. Great talent, tragedy.

    The early years

    Later on, after a little work
  3. So was anybody else watching 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' during prime time on network TV two nights ago? The Duq family is sitting in the living room, kids getting to stay up a little late to watch Charlie Brown get bullied by girls for an hour, when whoever is ABC's young generic perfectly-coiffed nightly news anchor breaks in, warning us that he has news that we might need to usher the kids out of the room for.

    Mrs. Duq and I look at each other, I'm thinking we've just bombed an Iranian nuclear facility and are at war again or maybe OJ Simpson successfully decapitated someone this time. And then he announces Whitney Houston has died. And big question marks spring up above both of our heads. Frankly, before that moment, if you'd asked me: Whitney Houston; dead or alive? I'd have had to think about it for a moment.

    I mean, it's certainly sad and all and her story is fairly tragic ... all that talent wasted on her clear mental/drug problems. But Mrs. Duq and I were left trying to explain to Li'l Duq why we're incredulously questioning why the network news broke into prime time programming to announce that without making it sound like it's okay to be callous about someone's death.

    Really weird moment ...
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9rCobRl-ng&feature=branded
  5. Really did not care. Did not like her personally and that goes back to before the drugs.
  6. Didn't see it but completely agree. The sensationalism in today's news reporting is ubiquitous, and beyond obnoxious. Haven't watched more than 5 minutes of a local newscast in years. Well, except maybe a weather report every now and again. There's legitimate incentive to watch those here in L.A.

    Having said all that: '91 Superbowl Anthem. Best. Ever.
  7. Until this weekend, I didn't know that Whitney originally had planned to sing a different version -- more jazzy, upbeat, gospelly. The NFL stepped in and told her they wanted a more toned down version. And What was played was pre recorded, but she still sang it, just with the mic off, and the players could hear her.
  8. Didn't know much about any of that other than a Mr & Mrs Smith story or two.
    I'm not much of an Insider Hollywood fan. Don't even know who most of th epeople they talk about even are.
    Don't care who they are either.

    These are about the last 'movie stars' I went to see.
    What drugs do you suppose they were on? [​IMG]
  9. Viagra?
  10. bin laden had a thing for her too.
  11. Confession.....I knew her name but nothing about her (it's a generational gap, I think).....then realized she was the one who sang a song I remembered well.....but still sort of missed her entire career.....oh, well, I liked Ella and Mel Torme and some others than a whole generation probably cannot identify....
  12. Not at all. Ella was phenomenal ... big sucker for the 1940's era female jazz crooner. However, I will admit that for me Mel Torme was a guy who had occasional cameos on Night Court ...
  13. My last girlfriend before I met the future Mrs RSF was a big fan of 'I Will Always Love You'. It became 'our' song. Then we broke up, and for about 6 months after that she'd call me up occasionally and play it over the phone. My 1st stalker.
  14. What does your current stalker play for you?
  15. Always was a good song. I recall when it got big again with Houston. Was watching an interview with Dolly, who you all know wrote the song, I think, and took it to the top of both the country and pop charts. Dolly called Houston and suggested that maybe the two of them team up and do a duet on that song for a special appearance. According to Dolly, Houston told her "Why? That is my song and you need to stay away from it."

  16. 2314 hasn't bothered me in a while.....
  17. Wowsers! It scary someone as intentionally light as you try to be could set hooks so deep! :eek:hmy:
  18. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/14/idUS8803327920120214

    Dolly gets $.095 per physical copy or permanent download. Maybe Dolly killed Whitney to boost song sales and make some cash.

  19. Oh, you have so many stalkers. I was thinking more of this one:


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