White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew says budget requires 60 votes in Senate

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  1. If you watched any of the Sunday shows, Jack Lew was spewing falsehoods regarding the Obama budget. Politifact addresses one of them.
  2. It's all about the narrative--that's all they have. Inconvenient facts are irrelevant.
  3. I would agree with Politifact[sup]*[/sup]: He misspoke with respect to the one specific point, but in practice 60 are required to enact the measures completely. He got ahead of himself, but the basic msg isn't really wrong. That what the "be honest" part was about in his mind, I would suspect. Still, he was wrong in specific.

    [sup]*[/sup]Our ruling On the specific question he was asked -- about the congressional budget resolution -- Lew said you need 60 votes to pass it. That's flatly wrong. On the larger question of putting together what we think most people would call the "federal budget," a majority party may be able to get its budget resolution passed, but that's not the same thing as actually enacting spending bills to implement it. In all likelihood, these bills would require 60 votes in the Senate. Still, Lew's specific claim was False.
  4. More lies pumped out to the masses. They seem to think a large segment of the American population is dumb. Unfortunately..........they are right.

    Thing is.........even the dumb can be taught. We need to go on a massive push to educate people as to what is going on. We win this thing in 12,........or there wont be anything left.
  5. There are 53 members in the Democratic Caucus, down from 59 in the previous Congress and yet the Senate cannot even pass a budget resolution that only needs a majority vote. This is before a conference report is negotiated and final approval. The 3/5ths vote are only needed in final approval to invoke cloture and a majority vote for passage. But Sen. Reid is not going to even bring up a budget resolution, why?
  6. Dunno, personally. Essential evil is, of course, one option to examine. I suspect there are others.
  7. You know what I think? PBO wants the Senate to hold up the budget process for reelection. The public does not get that it is the senate that is holding up the budget and PBO can continue to rail at the Republican party using the cover that the Senate has given him. If the Senate moved forward and passes a budget resolution, which they could do right now, then this thing goes to conference and the House and Senate differences are ironed out.
  8. Yep......

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