Which Big 12 school do you despise the most?

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Which school makes you rage?

  1. Oklahoma

  2. Texas Tech

  3. Iowa State

  4. Baylor

  5. West Virginia

  6. Texas

  7. Kansas State

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  8. Oklahoma State

  9. Kansas

  1. My regard for individual schools is usually based almost entirely on how I've been treated by their fans, and that means Texas Tech has to be #1 on my "Despise List."

    I've known some very nice Raider grads over the years, but when I've traveled to Lubbock to watch the Frogs play TT fans have always been over-the-top rude and excessively profane (dating back to 1967, no less).

    Trash talking is not my style, but I'm not offended by it, but when a drunken sphincter-hole called my date nasty names, and literally spit on her I did go off. (At least I didn't get arrested - but he did.)

    By comparison, Baylor and UT fans have generally been respectful. OU fans were a little distant, but not at all abusive, and I've never seen TCU play OSU on the road (same for KU, KSU, ISU and WVU).

    The soon-to-be-departed A&M fans are terribly close to the Sand Aggies, but nobody comes close to LSU.

    However, I can't hate the Tigers, because my daughter went there. :tongue:

    Go Frogs! Can't Wait For Next Year!
  2. I live in the Austin area and listen to ESPN radio, so GUESS WHO I VOTED FOR? I tune in to get an overall report on the day's sports, but usually end up listening to endless blather about how wonderful UT is, what a great coach Mack Brown is, or lame excuses as to why they lost yet another game. (Although I do enjoy it when they dis aTm!)
    That, and the plethora of "fans" wearing their Walmart UT t-shirts, who probably couldn't find the campus on a bet.
  3. Mr. Barrister, the TSA would like to have a brief chat with you.....
    <fat lady in the background pops on surgeons' gloves>

    I would have voted Aggie.
  4. UT, because of the sense of entitlement that whole program has.
  5. There is only one team to, for me, hate and it's those welfare wonks down in Austin.
  6. Who can hate Iowa State? [​IMG]

    Anyways. I think mine is quite obvious. I hate Oklahoma. It makes sense.
  7. Toss up between Tech and UT. Baylor gets to me, but my friends hot sister goes there... I give them a pass for that.
  8. Texas and Oklahoma are tied for my number one spot. Entitlement and hubris for UT and a less than honest, fair and ethical history for OU turn me off. The latter of which is possibly only topped by A&M, but they aren't in conference so they do not count for this.

    Tech is a very close second. I had no real animosity towards them until they pulled the James/Leech thing and reading posts from a certain individual on here.
  9. Still waiting to hear from the 1 person who voted KU.
  10. I hate UT, but Tech is the worst in my book because Tech has never won anything at all but they think they are so good. At least Texas has actually won things.
  11. They're Basketball fans are arrogant, texas football-esque.
  12. Aggy first. because they are delusional and refused to play us these past 15 years or so.

    UT second for their arrogance and again, for only playing us once....at home
  13. Nobody has mentioned Kansas
  14. Sixth St is overrated.

    Bats at Town Lake are overrated.

    Drag Worms are omnipresent, and they smell bad.

    Dell Computers are overrated.

    Traffic is horrible.

    Campus is not Walker, Texas friendly. sic

    While T-shirt fans do abound, that diploma-mill churns out thousands of gradumates every few months. sic

    SXSW is overrated.
  15. Oklahoma gets my vote. The majority of the players on the team are from Texas. Good number of them are from here in the Metroplex area, yet the state of Oklahoma takes all this credit and basically says %^#* you to the citizens and fans of all schools in Texas. That plus I once had a "boss" who was a totally obnoxious Sooner fan.:ph34r:
  16. With A&M gone I don't really hate anyone. I guess OU? At least Baylor wasn't afraid to play TCU...*cough*Tech*cough*.

  17. Cannot stand Texas the most, because they are the most arrogant group in America.

    Number 2, is I do not like Oklahoma, because they have cheated more than any team in Division I. Have been on probation every decade since the 30's, and twice in one decade. All those nat championships were tainted by corruption.
  18. Let's not act like the rest of the whiny schools in the Big 12 and "hate" Texas. Let's blaze our own trail and find a NEW arch enemy and turn the tables in this conference. Otherwise, we are just another puppet in Dodds' hands.
  19. Very good point. Don't hate anyone, let them hate us.

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